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Camera views can show reflections in mirrors as well as shadows and sunlight streaming through your windows. Culdesac — Download Plans. Quintessential Brick House — Download Plans. Walkout Basements Easily create a sloped lot for a walkout basement.

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Traditional Download Plan. Stucco Beach Download Plan. The software uses technology from Chief Architect's professional architectural software and is made easy for DIY.

Home Design Software for DIY

Mediterranean Villa Download Plan. City Lot Download Plan.

The Space Planning Assistant makes it easy to create a preliminary room-by-room design. Architevtural, Chair and Crown. Automatically generate three different types of roof return: Special Shaped Cabinets Create corner cabinets, radius ends, peninsula ends, angled front cabinets, and more.

Custom Textures Home Designer comes with over materials, but if you can't find what arcnitectural need then you can use your digital photographs to make new texture materials.

Gable, Hip or Full Returns. Stucco Beach — Download Plans.

Home Designer: DIY Home Design Software by Chief Architect

Image Objects Learn how Home Designer differentiates between a picture file and an image and how you can use them in your plans. Home Designer - Kitchen Design This Kitchen Design webinar will demonstrate how to create a kitchen layout with custom cabinets, appliances, an island, and lighting.

Placing Cabinet Feet Cabinet feet can be placed by raising the cabinet up off the floor and placing cabinet feet symbols from the library Video No. Learn how Home Designer differentiates between a picture file and an image and how you can use them in your plans. Home Designer uses smart design objects, such as cabinets, to quickly and easily create various styles, shapes and sizes.

Home Designer Software - Sample Gallery

Growing Plants Find out how much the trees you want to plant will grow in three years, ten years, twenty years. Use preset defaults for common architectural themes to get started quickly on your design. Architecutral Your Own Already know the style and materials you will be using for a plan?

Learn how to select and group select both items placed from the library and items you've placed with the door, window and other tools. Cathedral, Tray and Coffered Ceilings Hom just the right ceiling for that grand room by using soffits.

Using the Object Eyedropper and Object Properties Painter Click on one object and many of it's properties can be painted onto another like object with these tools Video No. We will also demonstrate how to customize lighting, materials, and molding using smart design tools to visualize our proj.

Zooming and Panning You can use several different tools to zoom in and out in your plan as well as panning your view.

Home Designer Samples Gallery

Gable Cottage — Download Plans. Copying Saved Cameras Copy and Paste cameras, between rooms or even between plans.

Create electrical objects using the Electrical tools or place them from the Library. Trousdale Download Plan Watch Video. Soffits Discover some of the various uses for soffits, including ductwork, ceiling beams, and trellises.

Home Office Download Plan. Auto Roof Returns and Variable Overhangs Automatically generate three different types of roof return: Auto Exterior Dimensions Make a complete set of exterior dimension lines for each room with the Automatic Exterior Dimension tool. Exterior Walls Learn how to draw, modify and move walls, adjust wall type definitions and create pony walls.

Wall coverings can be used in addition to a wall's surface material to create accents like wallpaper borders or wainscoting.

Shaver — Download Plans. Kokanee Download Plan.

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