Forza horizon save editor

Would be great is someone could download the attached save and see if you have the same result. Tried it out and it worked perfectly, nice report though Keyring! Solutions i have tried:

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Thanks will be good to see if you have the same result.

X3T-Infinity - Forza Save Editor

PM me the link or post back here. The save or a livery is corrupted and cannot be read. When i first started the editor worked perfectly but now this is a completed save game. Ok just to get editof on track who has tried the save in the OP?

It keeps tell me that it failed to connect to horizon so i think horizon is offline for alil.

Thanks for reading guys, hope i helped out! Over the past few hours, Turn 10 have added a new anti-cheat system which they brought over from forza 4 into horizon which detects whether you have tampered with your save at all.

So, what you can do is 2 things: Will it be ready to use on the day of release? Last edited by dudeyd Sat Dec 22, 4: You can delete your forzaprofile, then once done that go to system settings, find forza horizon, delete "title update", then go back into forza horizon and cancel it when it asks you to update, then make a new save, do a race and then mod it all without downloading the system update 2.

I will take a look at the save, thanks for reporting. Feb 19, 6 Year Member. Will you test it on the day, for the full game!

I sent you the wrong starter save Woops! You are viewing our Forum Archives. When i first started the game i completed a few races then saved. Did my completed save open for you? Keyring, the save you sent me via PM works good, thanks. Forza Horizon Editor Horizon. This is because the system is new and buggy in forza horizon and there is a bug in thr anti-cheat system which is making the save say it is being tampered with hodizon though it isnt.

I am trying now, I think one of my friends were telling me about this problem. And yes, so be ready! Greatness very helpfull to all use this method for my shop its alright matey! Would be great is someone could download the attached save and see if you have the same result. Yes when the game starts as soon as you get your first race it will auto save then you can mod whatever you want. One for modding and one for his legit stuff.

Sounds good, everyone makes mistakes,: The save editor works fine at the moment, This is just to report a bug. Yeah, okay, does it autosave throughout the game, can you manually save it though? Solutions i have tried: However, once u mod the saves in a few days, make sure you do not go over 15 million in credits and dont tamper with your level at all! The only problem here is we are looking into a completed game save.

Mon Dec 24, 7: Just hit ok… And then you should be able to use the editor. Let me send you the new one.

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