Clone stamp tool

If this option is selected, information will be used from all visible layers. Share this Tutorial Follow Us Facebook. Compares nearby image content to seamlessly fill the selection, realistically maintaining key details such as shadows and object edges.

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To sample from the active layer and visible layers below it, choose Current And Below. When you release the mouse button, the originally selected area is patched with the sampled pixels. Do one of the following:. One of the fun parts about the cloning process is the problem-solving that goes otol it.

Choose a Type option stmap the options bar:. The Spot Healing Brush automatically samples from around the retouched area. Set sample sources for cloning and healing.

You should do this often to make sure that your brush size is tailored to the change you are making.

The result of cloning using this setting sees the copied pixels having reduced opacity compared to the source.

Note Set the source point by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the source image. Photoshop lets you decide whether to include those changes in your cloning. You can also use opacity and flow settings to control the paint application to the cloned area.

Once the relationship is set, the points remain locked together. You can change the sampling source for a Clone Source button by setting a different sampling point.

For instance, you can change the shape of the brush or the angle of the replacement pixels. How to Master Blending Modes in Photoshop. By clicking on flip-horizontal, you can use the other side of the doorway or window as your source. Video Retouching cars tkol Photoshop. Beginning with the Photoshop CC Click the area you want to fix, or click and drag to smooth over imperfections in a larger area.

Retouch and repair photos

Here you will see options for Clone Source, Transformation options, as well as Overlay options. When repairing with pixels from the image, select a small area to produce the best result. First of all, it is non-destructive — meaning you are not changing the underlying pixels of your image. Click and drag to copy from the source to the stqmp. There are no reviews yet.

How to Master the Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

Overview Description Recommended Tutorials Reviews. Clone Stamp inherits the opacity of the Primary color if the Left mouse button is used to perform the cloning action. Repair an area lcone a pattern. The key thing is just to do it.

Optional Do any of the following in the Clone Source panel:. Photoshop Principal Product Manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes explains how to remove unwanted objects and use brush-based color dodging to equalize the luminance and color temperature of subjects.

Retouch and repair photos

As a result, the repaired pixels blend seamlessly into the rest of the image. Intro to Photoshop Compositing for Beginners.

When working with the Clone Stamp tool, zoom in on the area you are working on. Specify the clone source offset. Share this Tutorial Follow Us Facebook. Getting started with the Clone Stamp tool is simple.

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