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Vol 4, No 1: The St Petersburg attack shows how engineering and psychology can help optimise how people are evacuated in a disaster. You will find Civil Engineering Journal archive here. In the interim, technology has advanced — is there a better way to span this strait?

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Envineering 2, No 5: Vol 4, No 1: It's been 80 years since this beloved landmark opened to San Francisco traffic. Bridge engineering does not end when construction finishes and traffic starts to flow. Civil Engineering Journal has been selected as a member of the Crossref. Study finds higher risk of flooding from a combination of storm surge and heavy precipitation, particularly along the East Coast of the US.

Civil Engineering: Informational Articles, Guides & How-To's from Engineers Around the World

User Username Password Remember me. Vol 3, No 9: Available editions Global Perspectives.

The Panama Canal just srticles the opening of its new expansion, which incorporates several engineering marvels to allow it to finally support the super-sized cargo ships that dominate shipping. Researchers are using a rubber-soil mixture to make earthquake-proof foundations.

Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi, Iraj Rahmani. Muqdad Abdallah Kahribt, Jasim M. Civil Engineering Journal C.

Articles on Civil engineering

Vol 2, No 1: Elham Mehrinejad Khotbehsara, Hossein Safari. In the interim, technology has advanced — is there a better way to span this strait?

Vol 2, No 9: We'd need some major innovation to bridge the Channel without disrupting shipping. Follow us on social media.

Civil Engineering

Vol 3, No 5: Tragedies involving building collapses prompt structural engineers to figure out what happened, and how to prevent it from recurring. Vol 3, No 1: J is published monthly. Vol 4, No 5: Fngineering and textual detective work is filling in some information about how ancient Romans used and thought about their sewers thousands of years ago. When structures collapse, what's involved in finding out what enginefring happened?

Mohammad Sadegh Barkhordari, Mohsen Tehranizadeh.

Adding a bit of fungus to the initial ingredient list might be one way to endow concrete with the ability to fill in any bits of damage that occur, without the need for human intervention.

A round airport would let more flights take off in a smaller space, but the technology is nowhere near ready to make it work. Civil Engineering Journal is an open access journal, so articles are freely available to the readers.

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A civil engineer describes some innovative ways to measure risks and prioritize repairs. Bumps in the road are dangerous, expensive and difficult to fix.

Committee on Publication Ethics. Temple Chimuanya Odimegwu, I.

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