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I wish that I could cook. I do not cook. If only I could cook! When and where are you cooking? I cook, you cook, he cooks.

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It's time to go home. My favorite thing to do is to cook. Obrigado Maria pela dica eu reebi o email sobre a troca de letras sim valeu mesmo!!!!!!!!!!! Ready to start auddio So I probably finished it when I was fourteen years old.

Curso de Inglês Online | Inglês em 6 Meses (30 min/dia de Estudo)

I can cook whatever you want. If I were you, I would cook more. I used to put some tape on the TV screen to watch movies with no subtitles on, because, you know, no SAP yet, no second audio, no those better max videos, ugh, terrible quality.

Nowadays i am studying by myself…you know ,english schools are so expensive and i think i am doing well studying by myself. Why don't we cook something?

The cake was delicious. I talk to my friends while I cook. He tells me that he cooks.

Curso de Inglês Online – Como Escolher O Melhor (Atualizado 2018)

Cooking is my favorite thing to do. How often do you cook? I don't cook everyday. I cook dinner after work. I am in front of the microwave.

I cook with my mom. Having a good teacher, I mean, a trained teacher, not just someone whose lived abroad for a while and think they can teach, no, a trained teacher really helps a lot.

We had a barbecue outside au,a house. Tenho feito um bom progresso. The only way to learn is practicing. I do the same, I listen to the musics over and over again, and it helps me to improve my English. One of my sisters cooks.

Conversações em Inglês para iniciantes

Learn how to express your feelings. I made a cake.

Clique aqui e saiba como. Alex cooks better than I do. What would you make? And you know you are always 1!

You inyles be tired. He'll cook for us tonight, won't he? A fly got into my soup! Was he your friend? Loved urs too, I listened to it … just thought next time u should do it in portuguese: Todos estes exemplos me deixam muito animada!

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