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This was an arcade game released in by Konami also known as Punch Mania: The international version is titled Black Belt and features altered graphics and characters due to the removal of the Hokuto license. A simulated version of Sammy's Hokuto no Ken pachislot machine. The graphic assets were reused from Gekiuchi 3.

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A 3D action game released by Bandai which adapts the storyline of the manga from the beginning to Kenshiro's final battle with Raoh. Hokuto no Ken SE. The story ho a loose adaptation of the Shin story arc.

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It was released in Japan as Punch Mania: Retrieved from " https: Follows the story of the Hokuto no Ken manga. A graphic adventure game released by Banpresto for the Saturn and PlayStation.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The sequel to the original Gekiuchiit features two game modes, one starring Kenshiro and the other Raoh. A compilation for the Wii the only game in the series released for it that simulates numerous pachi-slot and pachinko machines based on the '80s manga hokutoo Fist of the North Star.

The fourth and final Hokuto no Ken video game released by Toei for the Famicom. Simulated version of Pachislot Hokuto no Ken 2. Views Read Edit View history. Known in Japan as Hokuto no Ken: Includes the Master System game Hokuto no Ken as an in-game unlockable.

This arcade cabinet was the sequel to the original Punch Mania cabinet with and extra story mode and co-op mode added as well. A one-on-one competitive fighting game released by Sega and developed by Arc System Works. It is a side-scrolling action game similar to the Oc III original composed of four stages based on the Imperial Capital and Asura ohkuto of the manga the portions which were adapted for the Hokuto no Ken 2 anime series.

Forza Horizon 4's connected world and seasonal weather help make what's otherwise a very familiar-feeling experience feel fresh one more time.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Online typing multiplayer game that was playable by paying a monthly subscription.

Includes the original Mark III version as a bonus. A limited edition was also released featuring a set of stickers and straps. There are hokutoo stages in the game. Released for the PlayStation 2 in as Hokuto no Ken: PlayStation 3XboxWii U. It is a one-on-one fighting game featuring eight playable characters: Whereas oen previous Gekiuchi games feature anime-style artwork by artist Junichi Hayama, the graphics in this game are drawn more closely to Tetsuo Hara's original manga art.

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Pachislot Souten no Ken 2 is a mobile pachi-slot game based on the prequel to Fist of the North Star. The third Hokuto no Ken video game released by Toei for the Famicom. The game features most of the same voice actors from the TV series reprising their roles. The following is a list of video games based on the manga Fist of the North Star.

A re-release titled Second Edition was released in Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. The second Hokuto no Ken game released by Sega.

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