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Need for Speed Shift 2. Bunten was working on an Internet version of this game at the time of her death. Nitro is an arcade racer that features real-world automotive licenses. Road to World Cup

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A spelunking -themed action game ; one of EA's racinng widely ported games after getting the rights to publish from First Star Software. Celtics and the NBA Playoffs. Legacy of the Ancients. A first-person and third-person shooter with driving based on the first three installments of the Die Hard series of action movies.

A space station management simulation. Shift 2 strikes a perfect eaa. It's also got a satisfying career mode that throws a nice array of challenges at you across a wide variety of disciplines. The best racing games take you there again and again. The Bard's Tale Construction Set.

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A graphic adventure game based on the fictional detective, the eponymous Sherlock Holmes. It's the perfect chaser to a lot of open-world arcade racers: Livin' Large First Released Aug 27, released. A pinball video game by a veteran of the genre.

Tactics, The The Lord of the Rings: Electronic Arts games Video game lists by company. An action-adventure dungeon crawl set in Escher-esque dungeon levels.

A third-person shooter based on the James Bond franchise. A party game featuring several Disney characters. Think of it as GTR Online: A tactical first-person shooter. A graphic adventure game based on the seminal detective, the eponymous Sherlock Holmes.


An expansion to EA Sports Active with more workouts. Raciny For a game that is ostensibly all about striking a compromise between realistic sim racing and edge-of-your-seat arcade action, Shift 2 feels totally uncompromised.

Chase for the Cup. SimCoaster First Released Jan 29, released.

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A horror -themed first-person shooter. The Search for Double Trouble. An NHL -licensed arcade-style hockey sports game. Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer.

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Make Your Own Murder Party. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: A shoot 'em up inspired by the Gulf Arcing where the player controls a lone Apache helicopter. The sixth game in the long-running World War II, Medal of Honor series, this game breaks with the first-person shooter perspective and is instead a top-down third-person shooter.

A FIFA game that was in open beta when its servers went down. Escape from Monster Manor.

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