Blanch font family

Is it me or is the typeface not working? Blanch condensed, Blanch condensed inline, Blanch condensed light, Blanch caps, Blanch caps inline, and Blanch caps light. Unfortunately, I am having the install problem.

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Tibo, the font in question is the same as the site. There are no restrictions for use, and the file download has been modified to confirm the fact. This is a beautiful font family—thanks for sharing! I got a same problem as Kristina.

Blanch Caps Font Download Free PC/Mac and Web Font

They have been able to solve this issue with some of the other fonts on the site and are currently working on fixing the issue with this one.

Second, I ramily it through fontbook, which worked out fine, but once I go to type a word, I get special non-English characters. My personal favourite is Homestead. Thanks David, gratefully received in the spirit of the season.

These are seemingly contrasting concepts which lend themselves to the creation of an atypical font. Share a thought Cancel reply. I probably could but I was famiky hoping to get some sort of ok from the creator before I redistributed a modified version of their font….

Kristina, perhaps the file was being altered when you were downloading it? He told me they would have an update on it soon. I usually download all that I want to compare, and then use the cdn link for the one s I want to use.

For fontographer, open all the fonts and jump into font info via element menu for each one. Is it me or is the typeface not working?

The Blanch typeface family is comprised of 6 different font weights; 3 condensed weights and 3 caps weights. You can leave the other tabs especially credits alone as nothing needs to be changed there.

Looks like cars and typography are going the same way, getting rid of the angles and going for a more tont and modern look. I have Fontographer and probably could fix this myself, if I knew what to look for.

Nice designs, thanks for sharing. Hi there, I am also having a problem with the font. I keep getting an error message when I go to install.

Blanch Caps

I saw them on a new article on Smashing magazine and was so stoked! I think Open Sans works pretty well as a more modern body text. It was obvious at the time but I can try and cobble the memory together. Thanks for the Blanch Condensed In-Line. I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas have tamily brilliant time.

Jason, so how did you fix the issues in the font? Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, I am having the install problem. A couple of us have contacted Atipus, the agency that created the font, and as you can see above, they said they would be working on it not quick enough in any case, so people tend to take matters into their own blancj.

Very nice, thank you for the visuals.

Blanch Caps font

The font is beautiful! Would appreciate any feedback…. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Glad I found you.

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