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The procedure for setting the Sync Options for the Contacts, Tasks and Notes is identical to what we just saw above. One of the first things you will notice is the "Device Options" button below the picture of your BlackBerry. When you restore all application data from backup, you'll revert all app data back to its status at the time when the backup was created. For example, you can selectively restore your messages with the SMS Backup app. While still in Beta format, the full version of the Desktop Manager for Mac software will be available here:

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Tips Third-party apps provide more granular control over text message backups. We know a lot of you were excited to see the Facebook note and tweet from BlackBerry today that Desktop Manager for Mac was now available. Once again, you have the option of choosing whether you BlackBerry syncs only with this Mac or with other computers.

How to Backup Text Messages on a BB Bold

Now, Mac users have a reliable and safe way to "restore" data on their devices. Choose the correct drive and click "Continue. Your Mac will display the following warning message. Since my BlackBerry syncs with my PC and with my Google account, I have the "With other computers" option selected to avoid duplicating entries in my contacts and calendars.

To back up your text messages, files and other data from desktkp BlackBerry Bold, create a full backup using the BlackBerry Desktop Software application installed on your computer.

But you're getting it here first for free! Just click the Music Icon under the "Media" line along the left hand column of the main screen. In this screen, we see that we can click next to "Sync Contacts" just as we did blackherry and choose either to not Sync with the Mac or to perform a two way sync.

Edsktop very helpful feature of the new Desktop Manager Software is that that you can make a choice in the "This Device is Synchronized" field.

You can rename your device if you like the default is simply your model and PIN number. If you have been using this software without issues, then you can continue to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Clicking on this brings you to a very clean "Options" screen. Download BlackBerry Desktop Software. If you have a "Password" set on your Mac, you will be prompted to enter it at this time in order to proceed desmtop the installation. Open the BlackBerry Desktop Software application on the computer.

User reviews about BlackBerry Desktop Software. Backup and Restore - BlackBerry Bold The default is blackberty "Business" calendar - but that can be changed to any calendar that you have set up on the device. You might need to click on the "Advanced" tab to input additional information. Fill in your Phone number, account name and password in the appropriate boxes to begin the configuration process.

When the backup is finished, the Backup is Complete screen displays. What this does is remove the "automatic sync" option, which can often result in duplicate entries in both your BlackBerry and desktop computer when you try to Sync with multiple machines.

It's worth noting that the user interface blackberrj the BlackBerry Desktop Software makes all these jobs really easy to perform.

BlackBerry Bold support - Install Desktop Software. - Three

Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. If you are a Windows user, this will seem familiar, yet very much streamlined for the Mac.

I would love to know if it is possible! Click the "Start" button and the selected or deselected applications will be either installed or uninstalled depending on your selection.

Learn about BlackBerry Link. Have a BlackBerry 10 OS smartphone? All BlackBerry contacts are now on the iPhone: Since I use Google Calendar, I have lots of different calendars, all set to a unique color and this is bblackberry in desktkp list of calendars.

BlackBerry Desktop Software - Download

Once you transferred the BlackBerry contacts to your iPhone, you can continue using Bkld Contacts to manage iPhone contacts, notes and calendars using PC keyboard or back them up to your computer. In this screen, you can see that I just selected four playlists that I wanted on my BlackBerry - so I placed check marks in the appropriate boxes. If you have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone you need a different type of software.

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