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A close-up view of the plastic command board. Finally, the expansion comes with 8 dedicated scenarios and, of course, the rules to play the Versus mode. Funding period Feb 27, - Mar 31, 32 days.

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The scale of our miniatures is 35mm from feet to eyes. Gotham City Chronicles is played according to a scenario which describes bztman plot, location of the action, setup of the game, number of turns, and the specific objectives each side is trying to achieve in order to win the game.

To ensure the efficient processing of your request and its traceability, we can not guarantee an answer through the direct messaging of our Kickstarter or facebook pages. This experience allows us to offer very high-quality miniatures without bendy parts, that are regarded as the best available.

The game involves two opposing sides: All miniatures presented imni this campaign will be of high-quality plastic, pre-assembled, and shipped unpainted. Share this project Done. Each miniature or group of miniatures are represented by a tile that details the characteristics, skills, and traits of each character of that tile. From left to right: At the beginning of a scenario, the players may choose which hero they want to play from a large tames.

A hero screen and a bat-tablet forming a hero board. ganes

The mini-campaign takes place on the four maps of the base box es. Click on the picture to download the WIP rulebook. Also, and this is very important, natman will require a copy of the Versus Mode add on to play these scenarios. You will play as Bane and some of the worst criminals of Gotham City he has allied with. Transaction fees may be applied by the transaction operator normally Stripe.

Lego Batman Movie - 5 Minigames

Since then, Monolith created and successfully delivered 3 top Kickstarter projects driven by one goal: We will sort out what your extra money is going towards after the campaign has closed, when we send you a link to natman pledge manager. Scarecrow sculpted by Irek Zielinsky. Kickstarter is muni a store. The tracking information of your parcel is only valid for a few months. A 3D render of the five 30mm bases. Gotham City Chronicles Base Game.

Click on the picture for more details about the Arkham Gaes expansion. These attractions offer unique atmospheres and terrain types that change the way you navigate the map.

Support Select this reward. The villain controls their characters by activating the corresponding tile. Gotham City Chronicles content departs from China.

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We talk from experience as we offered Conan, our first Kickstarter project, through gmaes a few years back, and it turns out, that we had to lower our selling price to the distributor so much that we did not make any money on this. The Base Game Pledge for the core boxes gives you a complete game experience with dozens of stretch goal extras for even more replay value.

Plastic sample of the command board. These 2 boxes will constitute the core game, which include all the base offerings plus all the Stretch Goals we're hoping will be unlocked during the campaign. Pantheon is the second and Conan Book of Set is the last one. The villain command board with the tiles and energy cubes.

All of them have been delivered and very well received.

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