Anatomy and physiology dvd

The student will understand the different types of digestive systems. Through knowledge and demonstrations within this Multimedia Pathway Unit, students will be introduced to topics such as common animal diseases, immunizations, surgical procedures, various animal abnormalities and vivid comparisons i. The Urinary System- A basic introduction, covering the basics of the urinary system.

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There are hours of various medical training videos dealing with the basics such as suturing and EKG reading.

See below for explanation of tier pricing. The Respiratory System- A quick-paced, basic introduction to the components of the respiratory system. The Endocrine System- Provides a basic introduction to the organs and functions of the endocrine system. Free shipping applies to this item only. The student will identify the uses of anaatomy visual inspection. He served as a biomedical research technician at Mayo Clinic and then as an associate professor of anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine St Louis.

To learn an understanding of the basic anatomy of the livestock digestive system. The student will determine the characteristics of normal cattle.

That is why Medical Training Media is equipped with the latest video training available for purchase. Training Videos Medical Training Videos Few professions require the constant training that is involved in being a medical professional such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, emt, ems, paramedic or any other emergency response profession.

The student will understand the different types of digestive systems. The student will be able to identify the proper prevention and treatment for canine diseases.

Anatomy & Physiology 10 DVD Set

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In honor of AFA's 40 Year Anniversary, order a quantity of these colorful wristbands to share today in your local community. Buy 2 or more packs, and save on each pack. Former medical university professor Dr. To learn, understand and perform basic surgical applications of livestock. Sorry - this product is no longer available. The student will understand basic techniques associated with simple surgical procedures.

Ask a question about this product. You have no items in your shopping cart. The Reproductive System- A basic introduction to the organs and functions of the reproductive system. Medical Careers Your medical career, or your student's physiloogy careers begin, and evolve with a steady stream of training. David Menton takes two teens on a teaching-tour through the phyysiology systems of the body. To learn diseases commonly affecting canines, identify the symptoms, treatments and causes.

Anatomy & Physiology Training DVD’s – South Africa – Presented by Lorraine Raik-Spiegel

Price per Unit piece: The student will investigate symptoms, prevention and treatment. Menton is loved worldwide for his humorous and insightful talks that leave audiences in hushed awe at the Creator''s wisdom. The Muscular System- Provides basic information on the three types of muscles, their functions, and how they work. Average Adult 8" circumference Material: The student will develop a basic understanding of how physiolkgy systems in humans compare with the systems in other.

In God We Trust Wristbands. The student will learn to diagnose common animal diseases.

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