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Abdullah June 23, at Syed Naqvi February 17, at 8: The data type of variables can be specified with a character at the end of the variable name:

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When the evaluation encounters what it thinks is the end of the number, it returns to VAL, VAL then replaces the zero byte, pops the original program counter from the stack and returns the evaluation result to its caller. Since the cassette port interface of the original IBM PC was never implemented on compatibles, cassette operations are not supported. The actual value is not terribly important as the offsets vary depending on other data in memory and the offsets are re-calculated at loading time but the relative difference between the offset of one line and the offset of the next may provide some sanity checks on the decoding of the second of the two lines.

Syed Naqvi February 17, at 8: Retrieved from " https: Above code takes 10 number input from keyboard in FOR loop and then prints smallest number out of all 10 numbers just entered. However, using a pointer token instead of a line-number token means that the "program" line we go to can be anywhere in memory and doesn't have to really be in the program we need to unprotect.

Normally this would cause a syntax error but there is one statement in BASIC that can have a numeric constant follow a function without intervening punctuation. All program lines must be numbered; all non-numbered lines are considered to be commands in direct mode to be executed immediately.

Unsigned integers, specified by 0D or 0E are unsigned numbers in the range 0 to What the program does is change successive zero bytes to non-zero and then restores them back to their original values until it hits the protection flag. The answer is that POKE is not allowed in a direct statement but is allowed in a program line.

When the program is loaded, it is decoded and a flag is set in the GW-BASIC data work area to indicate that a protected program is loaded. The data type of variables can be specified with a character at the end of the variable name: On 90 I have mistakenly type "legth" instead of "length" But program still work fine because It is just a prompt string dialog.

GW-BASIC - Wikipedia

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It uses the same call to "get current byte" and "get next byte" as the rest of the interpreter does. Write a program that can calculate the area of a rectangle. Abdullah June 23, at Write a program that can print all even numbers from 2 to Khursheed Fateh May 15, at 2: Ameer Hamza February 28, at 4: Write a program that can calculate gasic area of a circle.

BASIC's memory footprint was slightly increased if it was used. Open this link to see the snapshot of the code in action https: Two bytes giving the offset of the start of the next line or the end of the BASIC program stored in Intel binary integer format with the least-significant byte first.

Write a program that can draw a circle. Good GW Basic this is the very 1st programming language when i started learning programming i was as pprogram 5.

The file is pseudo-encrypted and the initial byte of the file is changed to FE instead of FF. Write a program that porgram calculate the perimeter of the rectangular. Here is the short program I call it "poketest. I'm not getting any younger and would hate to have the information lost forever if I should unexpectedly drop dead next week, month, year, decade or century. It should be accessible now. Khursheed Fateh February 5, at The rest of the bits store the absolute value i.

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