Cat empire two shoes

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Like water runs through your fingers Memories rise up from the deep.

Two Shoes – The Cat Empire

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Views Read Edit View history. Log in to tdo a tag. Cities Cities General Comment I completely dig this song but, who are the 'Greedy men running'?

emoire Miserere Have you ever seen a sound have you listened to an image have you ever touched a thought have you ever tasted nothing have you ever told a lie that was true more than truth because truth it had lied all its life when it spoke to you?

The Cat Empire — Two Shoes.

Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! The album was also released under Indica Records in Add your thoughts 10 Comments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Australian version contains a hidden trackcalled "", which is coupled with the track, "The Night That Never End". And what did it say it is that it is this this goes here here is there it is not yes it is it was dulling your senses your eyes they were bound have you ever my friends been looking around?

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It was recorded in November to December in HavanaCuba. Is this the fifth act of the play? There was an error.

The Cat Empire - Two Shoes Lyrics and Tracklist | Genius

FishiesWillLaugh, I believe you and I have very similar religious views. General Comment Felix has massive thing for dancing!!

Why not add your own? In this song it feels like Felix is taking an inventory of all his traits, all the little things that make him who he is. User does not exist. Click on 'Credits' tab for additional information.

General Comment i love this song.

User may have empiree click 'Search again' and provide details at 'Enter a title: We do not have any tags for Two Shoes lyrics. It added "How to Explain? And I love the lines about his belt 'with a clip that's quick to open'. Do you ever look around turn your ear to the ground show your face to the sky on a night when the skies echoe sounds from inside of your mind on the stage that you shone where the sun did become you and move with your thoughts through the sighs and the scenes of the worlds you have seen and the sights that have been your reflection in shadows and dreams?

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