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Given the mess the assembled forces make of this allegedly romantic so-called comedy, critic Ella Taylor can't blame him. Dori Kancher as Payroll Clerk. Mary Sandra Bullock loves words, you see, and she wants you to love them too; she's an etymological oversharer who'll talk the head off anyone who'll listen, and many who won't.

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Fri Nov 2 9: Thomas Haden Church Hartman Hughes. Cosseted by loving parents only slightly less Martian than she, Mary has suffered through a procession of unsuitable blind dates.

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Yes, you're right, another movie about a lovable abokt who wants what all of us want — love, sex, companionship — but who lacks the requisite conformity gene. Clearly everyone involved in this was embarrassed even before their careers took off this summer, and even Fox seems to be hoping that everyone is too busy grilling out for Labor Day to remember to see it.

To say it is a cute movie is strech. Thomas Haden Church as Hartman Hughes. Mayhem ensues when a bunch of deaf children fall down a hole — isn't that a gas? It's easily the worst comedy I've ever seen with such normally top-shelf talent in it.

After the end credits, a competitive TV reporter, in despair that Hartman got popularity by falling into the mine while trying to save Mary, also jumps into the mine. Mary is pleasantly surprised when her date turns out to be handsome and charming Steve Miller, a cameraman for the television news network CCN.

I actually kind of liked Sandra's weird girl character here. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. She's only interested in the words and language of crosswords until she meets Steve Cooperaobut beautiful but bland cameraman for the CCN news network who at first is happy about Mary's advances on their first xll, but quickly surmises, well after we have, that she's an intolerable wacko. All About Steve Movie Review. The stories they're after are kind of bizarre and fascinating-- a baby born with three legs, an entire group of deaf schoolchildren trapped in an abandoned mine-- but we're mostly subjected to Mary dispensing folksy crossword wisdom and Hartman's weird, unexplained fixation on getting Mary to keep chasing them.

Mary, who arrives on the scene, accidentally falls into the mine shaft as apl while making a beeline for Steve.

All About Steve () - IMDb

Worst of all, though, is Mary, intended as the kind of crazy tornado who makes all the normal people reconsider their lives, but just unbelievably irritating in sgeve. On the road, Mary annoys some bus passengers so much, the driver abandons her.

Not much to say Jordan Morris as Protestor Winston. Mostly offensive jokes though.

All About Steve - CINEMABLEND

This becomes even more clear when Mary makes dteve next puzzle "All About Steve," getting her canned from her ludicrous job and giving her nothing to do but tail Steve as he and his team follow stories across the Southwest.

But stsve film's heart was in the right place. June 29, Full Review…. She states, "If you love someone, set him free; if you have to stalk him, he probably wasn't yours in the first place.

Regino Montes as Maintenance Guy. All About Tseve is an oddly creepy, sour film, featuring a heroine so desperate and peculiar that audiences may be more likely to pity than root for her. Season 4 The Deuce: We all see a little bit of Mary in ourselves, don't we? Misha Di Bono as Paula.

'All About Steve': There's Something Odd About Mary

Bethany Murphy Super Reviewer. Her parents decide to set her up on a blind date.

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