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However, trace statements still print to the console window. On line 17, the second air. The following is an example of the trace logger:. Instead, let the AIR application connect to a running fdb session.

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Instead, let the AIR application connect to a running fdb session. If we use the AIR trace debugging approach instead of the Introspector, we can send output to the console. Stefan Habacher 71 1 6. The event will give you the full stack trace Error.

Adobe AIR: Supercharged Development with Debugging — SitePoint

See AIR application descriptor files. To run ADL without connecting adpbe the debugger, include the -nodebug option:. Add an airConfig object to the djConfig and use the following parameters: Exit code Description 0 Successful launch. You can debug your application simply be launching it in debug mode.

Click Nextaccept the default Application Properties, and click Next again. However, trace statements adpbe print to the console window. See Setting AIR application properties. Sign up using Facebook. Console line, double-click on the left side of the margin. This is where the Outline view comes in.

AIR Debug Launcher (ADL)

Running an application with ADL. Add your framework of choice in the Import JavaScript Library dialog. Log file for a full list of options.

The problem is that the problem is a runtime error with very little clue as to where it is. Most of this workbench is irrelevant to AIR debugging, so we can simplify the perspective by closing all the views except Project.

This flag allows you to test application logic that executes only when an application is set to launch when the user logs in. That should open a window and the Introspector: ADL exit and error codes.

Using the AIR Debug Launcher (ADL)

It also logs the arguments of the function, if applicable. If not specified, the directory containing the application descriptor file is used. Debug while you debug!

We can add these logs to our test case: You should have this:.

The following is an example of the trace logger:. Everything we need to take the debugger for a spin is included. If the application descriptor includes a supportedProfiles element, then the profile you specify with -profile must be a member of the supported list.

But what about managing debuv execution?

Specify the screen size as a predefined screen type, aif as the pixel dimensions of the normal width and height for portrait layout, plus the fullscreen width and height. Execute the run command: The Introspector comes with a few logging statements: ADL prints trace statements and run-time errors to the standard output, but does not support breakpoints or other debugging features.

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