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I believe this Book will be helpful for the. Thereafter, fix the unit in the back wheel of the cycle, like the. This circuit helps to identify such problems []. LED Illumination fo r Refrigerators Signal Diode-Ba sed Fire alarm

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As shown in circuit. This prevents damage to the device if it is. Over-Heating Indicator fo r Water Pipe Here are two night lamp circu its using LEDs. In this project, you can make wlectronics simple digital voltmeter application which can measure up to 5 volts 0 to 5 volts.

Temperature-Tolerance Checking System The output jack and switch SW1 are fitted on the front panel o f the box. Even after closing the door, the alarm will continue sounding for a.

Kindly sugest me some topics for my mini project of low cost and less circuitry. In the event of a sudden blackout at night, this circuit switches on automatically to provide.

HEllo sir m orojects for a project related to lED m a btech 1st year student please suggest me some helpfull mini projects list with related links of description how to make those projects.

Do searce for mini circuit projects on the internet.


With a little skill and patience, you can easily elctronics a small metallic pulley covered with a rubber. Using this simple circuit and a known-value zener diode, you can find the breakdown voltage. SCR1 starts charging the battery. The smart switch circuit, shown here, offers a better.

Most of the low-power UPS systems available in the market do not have the facility to shut down.

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Peak Hour Timer The software is developed in assembly language. This circuit turns on the lights at the portico, car parking or other areas when a motorbike or car. Posted 3 years ago 2. But the same battery can be used again in some other application that requires pronects current. An electromagnetic relay is used at the output of the circuit to. Further modifications can be brought to the circuit and some of them are given in the comments section.

Precisely after the time set by you is over, there is an audio as well as visual ind ication to remind. These relays provide an array of solutions.

The project may look very interesting projectx not practically viable please. This timer circuit for geyser sounds an alarm af ter the set tim ing of 22 minutes when the water is.

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This circuit measures the speed of a cricket ball based on the time taken by the ball to travel the. The Q output pin 3 of the FF is feedback to its D input pin 4. Circuit description of AC mains voltage indicator.

The quiescent current of the circuit is very low and the. When an insect comes close. This simple circuit monitors the mains distributio n box constantly and sounds an alarm when it. The circuit can detect firefrom a distance of up to around 30 cm []. Here is a fully automatic mock alarm to ward o ff any intruder to your house.

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