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Commandos Diver Real name: There are beyyond important issues with Commandos: Overview Last year, Eidos Interactive brought us one of the most refreshing real-time strategy games of the year.

Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty

A Marine Commando, "Fins", has special abilities that include a silent but deadly harpoon gun, and he is the only one who can swim if he has an air tank, and can also operate and carry the inflatable boat. Sign In Don't have an account? You can help the Commandos Wiki by expanding it.

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Archived from the original on 11 April Commando GamesCall of Duty Series. Gonzo, What's Your Game?: To initiate this the player must place the cross hairs over the unit to be shot. My other complaint is the fact that there are only eight missions, compared to the first game in the series, which had Behind Enemy Lines 2: A typical mission will have a few objectives that must be completed for the mission to be a success.

An enemy's field of vision is represented by a cone in front of them, colored green, that extends out from an enemy to a certain distance, and is divided into two sections - close range, represented by light green, in which commandos will be spotted if they step into this area; and long range, represented by dark green, in which commandos will only be spotted if they are standing up when they step into this area.

Rather, you must employ stealth to get ca,l job done. See the article here: It would sometimes take me days to complete a mission and I had to constantly save and restart the game, to the point of absolute frustration.

Beyond the Call of Duty is an expansion pack to the game Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty is basically a mission add-on pack for Commandos: The commandos now have additional abilities and equipment that they can use - some commandos can now knock out enemies, each having a unique way of doing so, with all able to handcuff them once unconscious; stones and cigarette packs can be used as distractions; some missions require the player to capture enemies and order them about at gunpoint; the Spy now can steal uniforms on-site and use them when needed; and the Driver is now able to use a Lee—Enfield rifle to take out targets.

In most missions, an alarm will be raised if the enemy discovers they are under attack, such as an explosion happening in their vicinity.

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He is also the only commando who can pilot boats. Behind Enemy Lines is a single-player real-time tactics video game developed by Spanish company Pyro Studiospublished by Eidos Interactiveand released for Microsoft Windows in The game is also set in the Second World Wa r, and it has one more character than the first original game. Behind Enemy Lines Cover art. The ability to throw a stone or pack of cigarettes is a cokmando feature, but the biggest addition is the ability to knock out a guard by way of a club, fist or chloroform.

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Go to Link Unlink Change. Green Beret Real name: Beyond the Call of Duty for PC".

Destination Berlin in Archived from the udty on 15 November The only downside is the voices of your commandos, which can become repetitive. Beyond the Call of Duty received "favourable" reviews, albeit slightly less that the original Commandosaccording to GameRankings.

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