Adprep 2003 r2

With every domain, the longer it runs with success upgrades and elevations there bits and pieces of legacy crap that can haunt you. In your case please follow my blog article to add a Windows server DC to the domain. Obviously not upgrading is not an option and rebuilding every couple of upgrades would be a monumental task. This does smell like a computer account problem. Does not sound normal.

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Running version of on bit server

Got an odd problem which has me stumped. Edited by Syed Khairuddin Tuesday, April 23, 7: Of course if you take your new bit R2 disc 2 media and try to run adprep on the bit server you will receive this error:.

Tue Dec 08, 6: What we have is something like this:. Currently replication is not an issue because I demoted one of the two dc's and, as stated, I haven't been able to install AD on the new server, so I only have one dc currently. It seems to require more than one domain controller, but the problem I'm trying to fix prevents me from setting up a second domain controller.

Adprep issues Server and R2. - Ars Technica OpenForum

I searched more for info on what to do if the keys aren't there and found references to creating the keys primarily for those who want to set them to off. You could just export the key before you modify 20003. Wed Dec 16, Its not like Microsoft ships you a bit copy of the OS when you buy the bit edition. I have also been told to just run ADDS wizard on R2 server when adding as domain controller but others have said to run adprep separately.

Windows 2003 ADPrep

Post as adprp guest Name. This is where the chicken and egg scenario kicks in — how do you get your bit R2 server to be a Domain Controller with no pre-existing bit or R2 Domain Controllers available for the required schema update? I noticed that under forward lookup zones for our domain, the server that I am struggling to update the DC is listed twice.

Thanks for the help.

Adding a newer version of a DC doesn't change any existing policies. I get an ear full from staff about how the PW requirements are to complex. Feb 8, Posts: Fri Dec 11, Both are Host A records with the same IP address. Archive View Return to standard view.

I ended up working with an engineer at Microsoft to clean up and repair all the replication and dead dc issues. I've never had to do a machine account reset on a DC, and have never run a production domain with only a single DC.

Adprep issues Server 2003 and 2003 R2.

Started as SP 2. I'm thinking you will need to re-open that case with Microsoft. Thu Dec 10, 9: Aug 9, Posts: You should run the adprep. It applied the changes as is usual and using ldap I can see that the AD version is 47 - correct for R2.

Are you running forest prep on the schema master? Makes sense, so of course you put the disc into your existing Domain Controller and run adprep again. You can view the schema extensions by looking at the.

Unfortunately I haven't even gotten farther than a registry backup before an error occurred. This may be a replication issue, or more commonly in my experience, the inability to pull and apply GPOs.

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