Hetty wainthropp investigates

While on holiday with Robert in Italy, Hetty takes on new clients, who claim their son, who lives in the UK, has been kidnapped by the Mafia who have been sending his fingers to them. Peter Gunn as Bryan. Peter Waddington as Neil Humphries. Nicola Barnfield as Geraldine Harrow. Why not, and who is with her?

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John Billam as Foreman. Ed Waters as Mr.

A High Profile

Keith Barron as Gordon Gregson. The music for the series was composed by Nigel Hesscornet solo performed hwtty Phillip McCann and in the title track was awarded the Ivor Novello Award for best television theme.

Ian Kershaw as Kev Haycroft. Nicola Barnfield as Geraldine Harrow. Geoffrey Hinsliff as Editor. Colin MacLachlan as Gerald Putman. Rizwana Cheema as Salma. Emily Hamilton as Caroline Langley. Catherine Terris as Claire Pilger.

Gabrielle Blunt as Molly Putman. Ina Clough as Bessie. Alicia Eyo as Trisha Grice. Lorraine Sass as Secretary. Matthew Scurfield as Oliver Hardiman.

"Hetty Wainthropp Investigates" A High Profile (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Andrew Barrow as Dean Scholes. The incidents in Cook's novel were inspired by his wainthrropp mother's experiences. Kevin Foster as Sgt. The charm of the title characterplayed by British sitcom star Patricia Routledgeis her common sense, her feel for human nature and her own good nature.

Robert and Geoffrey go undercover when Hetty is asked to investigate the circumstances of a death. Carole Boyd as Mrs.

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates - Wikipedia

Kate Lonergan as Dawn Halliwell. Avin Shah as Aziz Ahmed.

Brian Baines as Rev. Adam Woods as Wood Salesman. Stephen Tomlin as John Winterton. Series Info Low-key, nonviolent cases with a British housewife-turned-sleuth, set in the countryside of Lancashire. The Wainthropps' nephew has been excluded from school. Freddie Davies as Sidney Sturridge. Poppy Miller as Susie Bryley. Alison Bennett as Kirsty. Siobhan Finneran as Peggy Rainford.

George Costigan as Wallace Pickering.

Full Cast & Crew

Irfan Mohammed as Khalid Kashyap. Although on occasion her husband offers assistance, he more often than not tends to the home while Hetty gads about the countryside with young Geoffrey in search of resolution and justice. Nicholas Asbury as Eric Pardew.

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