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Please ensure that your Equitel SIM is in your phone at the time of registration. As banks become more and more mobile and online, it is necessary for the banks to enable more and more services be available online; thereby lessening even further the requirement that customers have to physically visit bank branches. Even so, my schedule was tight since I had classes and a hustle to sustain. An Equity Bank account. A one-time verification code will be sent to your device.

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One of the wishes of Aplication government is to make Kenya a cashless society starting with e-payment systems for all government services.

Why Kenya is the best safari destination. Pay for goods and services Make and receive payments with EazzyPay wherever you are. If I were to be asked, anyone who queues in a bank hall in this modern age is conservative.

It will not only save you time but also your joy. For your security, a one-time verification code will be sent by SMS to your phone. Check for any updates and install.

Eazzy Banking App. Your Bank Account On Your Phone.

Otherwise, they can use their debit card. How do I disable the app if my phone is stolen? GoSMS, Vault that may prevent you from receiving the one-time verification code are disabled. There are no options for withdraw or transfer. I have an Equity Bank account, but do not have a debit card or Equitel mobile number and still want to use the Eazzy Banking App.

If you have ever registered applicatuon Equitel, you require to have applicatkon to successfully link with the App. Yes, you can download and reinstall the Eazzy Banking app should you lose your phone or factory reset your phone. Home Urban Info How to register for equity bank mobile applicatiom through Eazzy Try move some files and apps to your SD card.

Additionally, you can try: I get the error message "Problem setting up secure connection. Once again, restart your device and try one more time to use the Play Store.

Service Unavailable

An important point to note, however, is that the Hapo Hapo service is only available to customers who do not have an existing account with Equity Bank. It is one of eazzh too long ugly signatures that more often than not arouse unwarranted curiosity.

Disable these apps and try registering again. Everything You need to know about Mount Kenya.

How To Register For Mobile Banking Services With Equity Bank Eazzy 247 Service In Kenya

Please note that by doing this, you will lose all app preferences e. Web Design in Kenya ultimate guide for clients. Check that you have the latest version of the Eazzy Banking app installed on your phone. Try move some files and apps to your SD card i. You cannot disable the applicatio remotely.

Equitel - Eazzy Banking App

Are you a Bank employee? Updating the app helps keep it optimized and secure.

Only Hapo Hapo account holders SB can use this option. During registration, however we require that your Equitel SIM be detected by the app.

We recommend that you use the app on a mobile phone for the best experience. I get the error message "We are applicagion trouble connecting.

If the pages are taking too long to load e.

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