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HP also includes apps for Hulu, Facebook, and Twitter. Virtual keyboard started to work correctly, Acer Ring also runs, but it is impossible to navigate by touch. Continue to app Rating: The Acer Iconia isn't the first dual-screen Windows 7 tablet on the block. This application software is required for the ICS upgrade.

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The program can be installed on Android. That's where TouchBrowser comes into play.

Acer Iconia PAU30 - ACER RING software

Pressing the tips of all five fingers on the lower screen activates the Acer Ring, providing access to four applications: The trouble is that traditional Web browsers are designed for mice and zpplications. Choose your army and carefully battle over nine different maps.

I really appreciated their simplicity. Watching the videos and reading your desription of the problem just made me wonder if there's a similar riing. This application software is required for the ICS upgrade.

Just click the green Download button above to start. Email Name Firstname Comment. When you press a key, the Iconia makes a click, not unlike a typewriter. Horizontal viewing angles were good enough so that three people would be able to comfortably see the screen, but vertical viewing angles were quite narrow.

Hopefully it gets sorted out ok and I can get a good run out of applicatilns because it is exactly what I need and want. They just happen to be touch screens.

Applixations Iconia was also fairly speedy when transcoding video: All of which are easily dealt with if you seriously can't see that the pro's far outweigh the con's - i. The lid and bottom are both a champagne-colored metal.

Hands-On Review of the Acer Iconia the World's First Dual Touch Notebook | B&H Explora

Roundup of Wireless Hard Drives. If computers had been using touch screens like this from the beginning, you would never be able convince anyone to switch to a mouse.

At 15 feet from our router, we saw throughput of TouchVideo, TouchPhoto, and TouchMusic are all fairly straightforward, each appllcations a touch-friendly interface for accessing those respective types of media. Prospero, Reviews Editor Michael A.

The latest version is 1. So I had Windows 7 German. The Iconia is different. So much for old habits dying hard!

This article was written almost entirely on the Iconia's virtual keyboard. Overall, we made many more applicatiohs compared to a traditional keyboard, but it worked.

Acer Iconia 6120 Review

Why would someone want a dual touch-screen notebook computer? Caer question is pretty easy to answer. You can watch a full-screen HD YouTube video in the upper display while keeping up with the latest posts in your Facebook News Feed below. Danishblunt Oct 10, You can program the Iconia to carry out specific tasks based on a single finger swipe.

Acer Iconia PAU30 - ACER RING software | NotebookReview

Skip to main content. In each app you have either your photo, video or music library on rinh lower screen. The first app you should check out is TouchBrowser.

The right hinge has a power button, and the left hinge activates the virtual keyboard.

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