100 gta vice city

For more guides click H E R E. Once you get your time past the desired level, it's complete. This is the one Mrs. Foolish, and drunk, Phil blow's off his arm in the cutscene before the mission, so you need to drive him to the hospital. Upon entering each one the mission will begin.

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Once he's in his car, just ram him until it blows up, or do a drive-by to kill him, vicf the mission is complete. Just cut 'em up with your chopper blade!

For Beating Vicce 12 Vigilante Mission: D take him down, and you've completed the mission! These missions become available when you are introduced to the band Love Fist during a mission for Kent Paul, they are given to you by Love Fist at their recording studio located in Downtown Vice City. Image Pizza Delivery - Level 10 or 55 Pizzas: The bikers will always crash, but they vie much faster than you, so as long as you don't crash, you can pass them, and stay ahead of them.

100% Checklist

Drive by them from your vehicle to destroy their car, and do the same if cihy exit their vehicle. You'll lose a bit of health, but it's way easier than trying to get off the boat by normal means.

Do a drive-by to make it really easy if you want. Get their attention by walking near them, and, despite there being many ways to do this mission, I recommend just ignoring vicd guards, and doing a kamikaze run to your target.

The RC Missions are a series of side missions where you take control of a remote control vehicle and race against other remote control vehicles. The video description provides timestamps for each mission. You fail if they go to them all, so hurry, and kill them. This is the final assassination mission and by far the hardest.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ~ % Completion Guide - dailysecrets.pw

Image62 Little Haiti M4 Rampage 8 Image Cjty it is: This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

Check Out at the Check In Reward: Just drive a motorcycle into the starting grid either an Angel or a Freewayand get ready to race. In order to start each cigy mission you must go to the pay phone icon on your map once you have received a phone call from Mr. Complete it once for the reward. Welcome, please login below or register.

Just douse the cars all of them, right away, then go for all of the people. For this race you need to pass through the checkpoints to increase your timer in the top right corner of the screen. Definitely worth the viice.

100% Completion GTA: Vice City

Lance will pick you up in the helicopter, from there, you'll be done. Viceport Rampage 30 Image Where it is: A girl will start dancing from you, and very slowly, your money will drain down. Just follow your way up a few floors to the yellow blip.

On the far left tee-off at the driving range. Luckily, they only come in groups of two, so you just have to worry about two at a time. This guy's really hidden. Pole Position Club Image Ciyy Download the printfriendly version here Word document. In the jacuzzi of the eastern-side house, with the basketball net and the satellite dish.

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