Bach christmas oratorio

I'll try to put this as diplomatically as I can - Chance sounds horrible; I have no idea what his problem was, but this track cries out for a re-take. The Evangelist then paints the picture of the shepherds in the fields when the Angel of the Lord appears. Jacobs uses the slowest tempo and provides a gorgeous rendition. In a duet the voices need to blend well; simply putting two great soloists together doesn't carry any automatic results.

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I'm definitely not going to invite him to perform at my grandson's birthday party. Herreweghe is at the bottom; I expected better of Peter Kooy, and Michael Chance is not competitive at all.

Bach - Christmas Oratorio - Classic FM

He's very fast, and his violins sacrifice all that Herreweghe's display; Hans-Peter Blochwitz is at Crook's level. This chorale has a bass line that won't quit and provides quite a sense of forward momentum. Part 1 of the Christmas Oratorio concludes with a bass aria followed by a chorale. It is serious, direct, and delivers an authoritative message of great significance.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The shepherds retreat, praising God for what they have witnessed.

The timings of the version are different, but the spirit and quality of the interpretations are very similar. After a long trek, they find Jesus and are filled with joy.

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen present a chrustmas conventional interpretative landscape. The bass, backed by emphasizing woodwind chords, brings a reminder of the ancient promise.

Weihnachtsoratorium, BWV 248 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

Ich habe genug BWV Gardiner tends to use a theatrical approach to Bach's choral works, and this can work very well with the festive Bcah Oratorio. Gott soll allein mein Herze haben BWV And this is no ordinary Baroque fanfare; it's a stroke of genius as to when they ring out, how fantastic they sound, and how perfectly they mesh with the chorus. In Jacob's version, the more recessed oboe even provides an echo of its own. In the first, Harnoncourt directs his Concentus Musicus Wien in a highly staged, decidedly dated and surprisingly doctrinal chgistmas from the Waldhausen Church.

Donald Satz wrote April 11, Both approaches can be excellent. Next is a stunning Evangelist recitative where he actually gets the opportunity to do some singing. Just listen to the opening of the piece as you're taken to the absolute edge of the envelope, loving every moment of it.

Arranger Philipp Roth So far, not one of them has excelled in any of the music. I think that both approaches are musically enlightening and true to the text. Koopman will have no curbing of the senses; just the opposite, he flies through this choral piece obliterating any sense of the text.

Also, most of the arias are "parodies" - the music already existed in Bach secular cantatas and was set to new text. As "Es ist gewisslich an der Cchristmas More details No. The sinfonia presents a kaleidoscope of colors and positive emotions.

Sie werden euch in den Bann tun BWV Meine Seel erhebt den Herren. All the oboe playing otatorio fine with Gardiner's at the top he's usually great with brass and winds.

I keep my list tucked away in the Schwann Opus Reference Guide where it's hard to find - evidently too hard. There's a lovely frailty to her voice which is perfect for a text dealing with the need that we weak humans have for the devine. Herreweghe and Gardiner have the moderate tempos with Herreweghe doing as well as Jacobs.

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