Hidden volume indicator

It is one of the oldest and most popular indicators and is usually plotted in colored columns, green for up volume and red for down volume, with a moving average. This trade idea is based mostly on a Trend setup. Indicators and Overlays Volume.

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Hidden Gap Volume Indicator rewrite

BTC Short - Has it ever been this easy? Murray and Roberts has been in a long trend with redistribution stepping stones. There is multiple divergences between price and the Volume RSI indicating a possible break back to the oversold line.

Following the Wyckoff logic the breakout was on relatively high volume and the pullback to the previous trading rang a Automatic Reaction AR. RMI has been looking week since April After a doji formed on increased volume, a bullish reaction and divergence with voluume Price has broken out of the trading range and backup to test the trading range again. BAT1D Long.

The OBV is indicating bullish pressure. The downward stride has been broken and a shorter term base formed.

After a drop in volume on It is now trading in a range with continued tests of the highs. PPC has been forming voljme base since the middle of after a down trend. This tells us that strong sellers were building up their positions there and that they pushed the price lower afterward.

From the creators of MultiCharts. Breaking this High-volume node will render an easy short. Such a volume cluster as around 0.

When the price makes a pullback to this Now it seems that the price finally broke out of the channel into a sell-off. The Volume RSI has indicated It is one of the few indicators that is not based on price. We have had another test of the bottom of the new trading range with RMI1W Short. One would expect high buying volume at a support level and high selling volume at a resistance level. RMH1W Long.

MetaTrader Indicators: Hidden Volume indicator for MetaTrader 4

A sudden increase in trading volume points to a increased probability of the price changing. Indicators and Overlays Volume. Volume has been indicato since the previous high volume test of the bottom of the trading range. CPI1D Long. It can therefore be seen as a measure of strength. MUR1W Long.

Hidden Gap`s VSA Volume

DSY Discovery showing strength. The pullback after the breakout seem to be a formation of a new trading range. Trading Ideas Educational Ideas 3 Scripts It can refer to shares, contracts or lots.

I have been watching this trading range develop during September and it looks like Sibanye is ready to be marked up back to the redistribution trading range.

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