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This research doesn't cite any other publications. Well written but somewhat hard to follow. Why Is Financial AccountingImportant? It is difficult to understand d exactly what topics are being covered using the table of contents. Financial Accounting 5 reviews Pub Date:

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The writing style is engaging and easy for the reader to follow. The author stars each section with a question, and then proceeds to answer the question. The introduction to the bookkeeping mechanics is very good, but I would like to see more early coverage of the overall message financial statements are meant to convey.

Brand Financial Accounting Model pending Weight 3. Once you get that license or notit's time for the fun part: There is no clear effort to be "inclusive", but certainly nothing that is culturally insensitive in the text.

No index or glossary. One of the strengths of this text is that the student is not overwhelmed with pages and pages of extraneous information.

Journal entries are displayed in green bars that are easy to spot for refernece later. Table of Contents Chapter 1: It's not required, as you can get testbook job in a number of businesses without a certification, but you'll earn more as a CPA. Issues such as changes in rules regarding revenue recognition and leases, for example, are too current for this text to have covered when it was written.

Accounting information changes little from year to year. Two-year students that I teach need an higher emphasis on the basic accounting tools. By the name alone, you should be able to tell texthook Advanced Accounting 13th Edition isn't for beginners.

My department relies heavily on the online graded homework systems. The 10 Best Accounting Textbooks. That's not to say that there aren't any positives associated with the profession. The textbook is very text heavy, there are few charts or summary boxes.

The 10 Best Accounting Textbooks

This internal consistency is comfortable for the reader. Conversations in an interview type format with two experts are embedded inside many topics, an investmenr analyst and an international accountant. If you think you've got the disposition for it, it's a great way to have a stable long-term career. The text concludes with the Statement of Cash Flow and a comprehensive problem one of several in the end of chapter items to pull it all together. For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Financial Accounting - Open Textbook Library

Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. The only real weakness in the text is just that it is not updated for more recent changes in accounting principles. The index is very detailed, but the glossary is not. When a topic in a prior chapter is discussed, a link is provided which makes it easy for the curious reader to look back at that inital material. Accpunting addition to a level course Explains concepts like debt recovery Could be organized more cleanly.

More advanced topics such as leases and deferred taxes are included in sufficient detail for this level textbook. If you're not able to hold yourself to a reasonable diet and exercise routine, you're probably better off choosing something less sedentary as a profession.

This is hard to measure when discussing corporations.

Financial Accounting Textbook - Lecture notes, Textbook Ch 1 - 3

This eventually led to accountants offering other services, such as consulting — and it left unscrupulous firms open to conflicts of interest. This makes the topic easier to understand. The text links for self quizzing within each topic must be right-clicked and the user must choose to open each one in a new window or it is difficult to get back to the same place. This study aimed at investigating the causes of low level of tax compliance in the informal sector in Nigeria and the effect of such, on economic growth and development, with a view to designing appropriate strategies for promoting sustainability of tax compliance in the sector.

Good over-all coverage No glossary Index fair--could be more descriptive read more.

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