Debian 6.0.7 iso

Maybe somebody knows for sure. DVD via jigdo amd64 armel kfreebsd-i kfreebsd-amd64 i ia64 mips mipsel powerpc sparc s source multi-arch. If that is listed somewhere, please someone tell where to find it.

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Debina would appreciate someone making it easier for me to get and install Debian 6. Everything is too cryptic and unfamiliar and I need lotz of prompting.

At least that's what I just kso when I Googled it. Starting with Etch 4. For example, some old versions may install using references to "stable" instead of the the code name of the release and this may confuse systems attempting to install security updates. Just one command line: This page is outdated debiian inaccurate. By izo, for each release here we keep all the images in jigdo format to save on space and download times.

KerodoFeb 25, The links to the downloads are no longer active you get a page not found. The most common complaint at the moment is about wrongly-sized or corrupt DVD ISO images, which is normally a bug in your http download program. Both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version return from the following lines.

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To download the first disk for debian 6 for 32bit pc, click this link If your pc is newer, 64bit click this link. Kso Jun xebian, Once downloaded, use the Internet to install any packages. I have access to a 7megabit connection but it is on windowsXP. If you're going to use an older release, you may need to tweak the setup to make it work.

Log in or Sign up. If your problem is not covered by the above FAQ, please report it to the debian-cd lists.

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To install Debian 6. Older releases will no longer receive security updates - this is limited to 12 months after the release of the succeeding stable version e.

CD via jigdo amd64 armel kfreebsd-i kfreebsd-amd64 i ia64 mips mipsel powerpc sparc s source multi-arch.

Yuki Oct 5, This is a list of known problems in the installer shipped with Debian 6. If you can help simplify how to get the DVDs for me on that connection it would be greatly degian.

I don't see the live CD's yet. We also often keep the ISO images for the last release of each series. Hi, If all I want is to have Gnome only type installation the is it enough to download the 1st CD image?.

If you read only one document before installing, read our Installation Howtoa quick walkthrough of the installation process.

However, large universities or companies mirror everything locally so that students or employees can install operating system on demand. Where can I find the. Although, I wish the list of packages on each DVD iso was clear.

It should show up on the main Debian site if it's an 6.0.77 stable release. The following releases are currently available here:. Oct 5, Posts:

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