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Export and Import functions added to unlock codes dialog. Added the ability to be able to create waypoints from found results directly from the finder dialog. Improved the View in Google Earth feature.

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Improved accuracy of estimated size at bottom of maps tab. In previous versions, this could only be accomplished from the View menu. You May Also Interested In: We bought a refurbished Garmin Nuvi and it did not come with Mapsource.

Download MapSource from Garmin and Install Without CD

Reorganized categories used by the 'find places' and 'find nearest' dialogs to make finding items more intuitive. Added technology to the find dialog for address and intersection searches that will exclude cities from the list of available cities that don't have any associated road information. Fixed loss of mixed-case characters when transferring routes to some USB devices.

Ampsource auto-renumbering of waypoints, routes, and tracks to not reuse numbers. Fixed issue where MapSource was improperly handling waypoint names that contained invalid characters that were sent to it from Asian GPS devices.

Garmin MapSource

Fixed bug which caused the route select radius to be too high. Changed waypoint image size to follow the user selected symbol size. Determining the accuracy, reliability, validity, or appropriateness of any of the software or data written about in this blog for any uses is the sole responsibility of the reader, not the authors of the blog posts.

On such map products, previous versions mapsoruce MapSource would only fill in the garmn field in waypoints that were created on contour lines or point features that had a known altitude.

Eliminated secondary dialog for COM settings i. I recommend installing a second map good idea is to install the map legend so you can get to know the layout!!! Fixed issue where MapSource was not gracefully handling the case where the language resource file was missing.

Made elevation lines lighter in topographic maps. Danke schon im Voraus. Changed the view toolbar so that the product selection box is not shown unless the user has multiple map products installed.

I load the above australia map into the mapsource and it farmin woring. Fixed issue where the status bar would flash when the mouse is moved around the screen. Enhanced the look of dashed and dotted lines. Umair 1 year ago. Changed vertical profile windows so that they remember their last size and position. Changed behavior of route dialog so that if a user aborts the calculation of driving directions when clicking on the driving directions tab, they will stay on the via points tab and not see the driving directions tab with empty driving directions.

Thanks gsrmin your support! In previous versions, if you copied something to the clipboard and exited MapSource, the information would mapssource be on the clipboard for pasting when you opened up another application.

Garmin: MapSource Updates & Downloads

Added a new waypoint symbol for Water Hydrant. Fixed some other routing issues. Fixed a problem where MapSource would not fuull able to import routes which contained a large number of duplicate map points.

Fixed an issue with the file save dialog when the file extension field is hidden. Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when the user attempted to use the system menu while in print preview mode.

Fixed an issue where the Tide Prediction calendar control was not working correctly in some date ranges when Windows was set to a time zone that automatically adjusted ma;source daylight-savings time.

Download MapSource from Garmin and Install Without CD •

This will be available in certain map products that include altitude information. Added a temperature field to the tab delimited text output. Note that while Basecamp shows contourlines, Garmin Mapsource doesn't.

Fixed the display of certain Marine icons in the 'Find Nearest Places' dialog.

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