Cruel intention 2

The thought of this movie makes me miserable. Hits a lot of the same high points as the first seducing a virgin, etc. I can handle the truth. View All Photos 5. After already knowing the first movie, this one was garbage.

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A school assembly follows, showing Kathryn delivering a speech to her classmates, but being persistently interrupted by uncontrollable hiccups coming from a student, who then begins to choke on the gum that she was chewing in a bid to stop her hiccups.

Dean McKenna Super Reviewer. Barry Flatman as Headmaster Hargrove. By clicking above you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Deanna Wright as Penny Cartwright. She is saved by the quick action of Danielle who performs the Heimlich maneuverallowing the student to expel the gum, which ends up flying into Kathryn's hair.

Threesomes & Horse Orgasms: Watching ‘Cruel Intentions 2’ On Netflix Almost Broke Me

Share Selection Facebook Twitter. That was, bad, really bad. Originally planned as a television series called Manchester Prepa re-imagined prequel series to the first film, it was picked up by Foxhowever, it was cancelled prior to broadcast in September Films directed by Roger Kumble. View All Photos 5.

A meeting of a secret society of student elites presided by Kathryn takes place, deciding upon the fate of the new students. This review may contain spoilers. Decider What to Watch Find: Nostalgia for the original inspired me to dig out the two sequels, even though I can remember seeing intetion 10 years ago and really not being impressed. It is a prequel to Cruel Intentions and was released direct-to-video on March 13, The thought of this movie makes me miserable. This film is about how Sebastian Valmont and Kathryn Merteuil met and how they started their reign of terror.

A Movie Finale Hurt by Circumstance. After already knowing the first movie, this one was intebtion. The bizarre odyssey of cinematic wonder known as Cruel Intentions 2baby! Crkel to step away from the sobriety of the first film into cheaper real estate.

Nicki Marie Super Reviewer. I sort of wish this would have come out before the original idea, or not at all.

Post was not sent - check your ibtention addresses! Eventually, this evolves into a relationship, but Kathryn, seeing this, uses it as a way to get back at Sebastian. Just when it starts to win viewers over as an endearing and romantic film, the twist ending destroys this effect.

Cruel Intentions 2 Movie Trailer and Videos | TV Guide

I can handle the truth. Cruel Intentions 2 also known as Cruel Intentions 2: Retrieved from " https: His current principal is insistent on having Sebastian's permanent record relayed to his new school, thereby ibtention his chance for a fresh start, but Sebastian already retaliated by pulling a cruel stunt on his wife.

Season 4 The Deuce: This teen melodrama is something like a V. Together they negotiate the tricky paths of sexual and personal power at their upscale private high school, Manchester Prep. Novel Les Liaisons dangereuses original novel. Barclay Hope as Mr.

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