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The device is available in a range of colors and memory options and apple also has a wide range of add-on accessories like the keyboard the apple pen and a few other accessories. The pixel comes in 32GB, and 64GB variants and both models require the keyboard to be purchased separately. Find out in our early Dauntless review.

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This device might not be the best but should be considered if you are looking for light gaming and reliability. Build a cabin… or a castle. As far pf physical appearance and hardware is a concern the device has a Game Google Pixel C packs a We advise you to bookmark this page now and revisit it before you make any purchase because we constantly update it with the lowest prices online.

See Them All Here We advise you to bookmark this page now and revisit it before you make any purchase because we constantly update it with the lowest prices online.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph Windows 8.1 PC and Tablet in One for ₱11,999 – Full Specs and Features

Back when the Pixel C was launched by Google it was done without much hope for success. The device can handle a lot of loads when it comes to gaming and can deliver a PC like an experience to its user. Other basic features that can be found on most devices include Bluetooth and aux connectivity and Hames and rear cameras 2 megapixels.

The goal is to create a successful city that thrives off its surroundings. On the back of the device is the primary camera along with its flash and the default Samsung logo. The device fherry a rear camera. The controller can either be changed to act as an Xbox One controller or a generic third-party controller.

Although gaming might not be the sole purpose of this tablet with the hardware that it packs, it should be able to handle some decent gaming with ease. Civilization Revolution drops you in an unexplored land as the first settler. The Tiny series marches on with the licensed title Tiny Death Star.

This device can easily double up as a laptop and make your everyday work much easier. The 5 megapixel rear and 2-megapixel cameras present on the device might not work wonders but they complete the purpose of being there.

With Android as its operating system chrrry can access all the great mobile games, Movies, and Apps the Google play store has to offer. Although a bit on the costlier side this device delivers all you need for decent gaming and performance on the go. The Final Fantasy series is known for offering some of the best RPG titles in existence, rivalled by very few franchises.

The top speaker of the device is cut in half by a 5-megapixel camera and a similar 5-megapixel camera is present on the back. Had to force the emulator to display a certain resolution to make it work.

The device lacks a physical home button which means no fingerprint sensor too. The device also has a lot of accessories to choose from, and it can give you a near laptop like experience when its keyboard is snapped on.

The front-facing cam is good enough for video calling and can be used to do so. About Privacy Policy Contact. In these situations, it offers improved data transfer speeds compared to regular USB 2.


Cherry Mobile Alpha Play Unboxing–8” Full Windows 8.1 Tablet PC For Only PHP 7,999

But is Dauntless worth playing? The performance of the Dragon Touch X10 is quite remarkable as the device delivers what it promises. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here.

Play as a recently deceased Samurai general and command your equally dead followers to take over the underworld. It can also be used as a regular port to connect external devices to the laptop. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is slim and fashionable, with high-end specs and a bundled stylus.

2 in 1 tablet pc in Tablet PCs - Online Shopping |

And even in this portable format, it still feels like the Halo you know and love. The hardware of the device is quite sturdy and feels solid chherry touch. If you happen to be looking for something portable for on the go use or even if you just want something to play on by the end of this guide you would probably be left either with a new device on its way home or with the thought of purchasing one of them in the near future.

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