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Filters Has badges Under judgement. Reasons to play this fun online racing game: Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but be careful not to fall!

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Fly off ramps and race through degree loops in everything from old pickup trucks to military vehicles.

3D Car Racing by Flash Game (Game ID )

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your car's movements: Awesome F1 games, new car and bike action games to play for free. See if you can outlast your opponents in this intense io game. Can you survive an encounter with Tina, a relentless road warrior, or the Devil Gace, a deadly driver who really has a thing for circuses?

Calling on creative players who can construct their very own cool car and drive it to victory. Just watch out for those speed bumps!

In between races, you can automatically upgrade to the next level of each car part by pressing Spacebar. In between each race, use virtual money earned from good performances to upgrade your machine's engine power, top speed, and handling.

RACE GAME (Car racing game)

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How long can you keep your car in one piece in this totally wild racing game? Jump behind the wheel of each one of these military rigs and find out if you can safely transport everything from oil barrels to crates while you blast down cliff-side roads and other dangerous highways.

Flash Racing Game Online - Swift Drive

Treasure of Cutlass Reef. Don't have an account yet? This old port is the perfect place to work on your virtual driving skills in this 3D rsce game. Alternatively, you can improve specific individual elements of your car by clicking on the various upgrade tabs at the bottom of the game screen.

Can you escape the car? With virtual upgrades awarded through good race performance, a continuous circle of impressive mechanical mastery rave transform your plodding little vehicle into a humongous hydraulic beast!

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You can find out how long you can last in the free roaming event or battle it out against everything from tuk-tuks to dune buggies in a thrilling demolition derby. The world is falling to pieces and Rass is one of the few people who can hold it together.

Bike, truck, quad, or skateboard… Race over hills and obstacles, but flasj careful not to fall!

Perform death-defying stunts while you fly over sharp spikes and pools of lava on your way to the finish line. Jim Loves Mary 2. Swift Drive players also like to play these games on Learn4Good:. In Race Mode, you must travel as far as possible solo on the track, picking up clash many Gold Coins as possible, and spending as much time executing awesome jumps as you can. School Bus License 2. Win races and earn money to upgrade and pimp your ride.

A few of them are as tall as skyscrapers! You can also earn coins to upgrade and customize your car, or purchase a new one, between your adventures out on several unique race courses. Keep exploring Kongregate with more badges and games! Ask your friends to vote too.

Collect coins along the way while you dodge everything from speeding trains to lazy cows. There are no fancy nitro boosters or special moves, just good old-fashioned virtual driving skills on 6 increasingly-difficult tracks. Your browser window width is too small or your screen resolution is too low for this game to load here.

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