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Too many recipients You can only send to 10 users with the Free account. You can only send to 10 users with the Free account. When your C drive is filling up with more and more programs and you need badly to free up a significant amount of system disk space. We now have one way to deliver files to all users regardless of the variables.

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Translate Filemail to a new language and get a lifetime Pro Account. Receive large files fash customers directly at your own webpage. Captioning Company Implementing FileCatalyst has saved us time, which has increased our productivity and decreased stress, all of which provide a cost savings to the company.

Send large files - secure file transfer

Need easy iPhone data transfer software? Their support and responsiveness is absolutely the best. Filemail Outlook Addin Our addin lets you send large files directly from Outlook. Our file transfers are now much faster and more secure than with our previous server.

The biggest benefit of FileCatalyst has been the ability to send large file sizes quickly and allowing outside parties to send files to us, without the hassle rtansfer being limited to file size. Use our Form Builder to customize and add your own fields to the form. - Send large files - secure file transfer

Filemail Desktop supports sending folders. PRO version even comes with a built-in QR reader. Why is my upload speed slow?

Aside from the fats gains, we found FileCatalyst to be a much more reliable and resilient method of file delivery over an FTP application. Who is using Filemail? Try before you buy. We have customers all around the world and it is critical to be able to transfer and deliver the files as fast as possible, which is why we chose FileCatalyst.

Leading The Way Overall, we have been able to reduce transfer times and dedicated man hours hransfer transitioning from FTP to FileCatalyst, saving us both time and money.

Fast File Transfer Solutions | FileCatalyst

FileCatalyst has been a great resource for us. Depending on trasnfer specific needs for the transfer on different devices, there are three transfer modes for you. Please upgrade to our Pro or Business Account if you need additional security for your transfers. You can test your speed at www. Signup for a Pro account. Before FileCatalyst, our file transfers used to take 1—2 days.

Custom integration Do you have special needs?

Evaluate FileCatalyst

Works on all platforms, websites and webservers. Tracy King - Are you trying to change default install location of your internet browser to a new drive? Tranxfer our Pro account you can integrate our Uploader and also place the Download Page on your own site.

The unique features of FileCatalyst Workflow allowed us to move data from internet-restrictive countries such as Qatar and China without issue.

Send Anywhere File Transfer. How to transfer files to Windows 8. FileCatalyst takes the work out of file transfers to allow us to focus on the core aspects of our business. If you feel FIlemail is still slow then please let us know.

We also needed a new, simpler approach to file transfer that users of any level could understand and FileCatalyst was able to deliver that.

Over 50 businesses and 1 million people use Filemail every month to send and receive large files. For example, transfer files from PC to the original Xbox hard drive. Since using FileCatalyst, we have seen a marked improvement in file transfer rates.

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