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In my instance, it gave me an error count of 0, but the video was still not playable because I purposely messed up the index. In order to fix the file, go ahead and click on the Fix button. Hell the new one isn't shit compared to the old ones, but they still don't work It doesn't repair anything, it doesn't do anything. Mac File Recovery Mac version of file recovery software supports recovery of several file types Mac. Free Evaluation Copy — Trial version of the video is also available, with this you can even preview the repaired AVI video and then purchase the tool to save the video.

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Free email support is available for technical issues. Author's review Remo Repair AVI is excellent and robust repair software that helps you in repairing corrupted, damaged or broken AVI files quickly and safely. This application is free. Here are top 5 avi repair utilities that can help you in this regard.

How to Repair a Broken or Corrupt AVI File

Read here for complete details…. I found a cheeky way to fix your AVI files But don't worry, we are here to help.

The file just freezes after 11 min: Files larger than 10 GB can be repaired as well. Varun 4 years ago. DivXRepair is a handy tool to repair corrupted avi files.

The interface is easy to use. At least you can see that 24 minute now. It do the work.

How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged AVI Files

Click Add Files and point the app at your broken file. Offers trail version to evaluate the repair process before purchasing. This handy little utility will fix most common AVI file faults, which includes: DivX Audio Problem Fixer. Later, adjoins them to produce playable AVI file.

DivFix++ is #1 AVI Video Repair & Preview Utility

Operating System Not Found? Hell mine is just an index problem and still didn't work. Go ahead and give this program a shot first because it usually works. This only works on Divx files that's it.

It uses Normal and Advanced modes to repair files. But finally I decide to go ahead and give a last try….

Now you need to rebuild the index and fix any other corrupted parts of the video. So is it impossible to watch your favorite videos anymore? Although Bandicam is a shareware with limited functionality, but thankfully the AVI recovery program is offered for free without limitations. How to Reset or Unfreeze an iPad.

How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged AVI Files

You can add multiple files to create a queue. The time taken to repair the file is very less. Hell the new one isn't shit compared to the old ones, but they still don't work It doesn't repair anything, it doesn't do anything. It is available with live chat and even you can get its support through telephonic together with some technical advice and suggestions.

You can use a hex editor to recover these errors, and save your copied AVI file once complete, You can then try it again in your media player. Does this mean the original file is broken, or it just didn't download correctly?

This index must in the correct format, or else the AVI file won't play, just like a web page will not display correctly if the HTML is in the wrong format.

It fixes the error and makes AVI file playable again.

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