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AVG could have been said to have done a good job if it actually squashed any viruses your brother actually received, and when switching to Kaspersky, the new AV didn't find any more. What it means is that your brother was smart enough to avoid any websites or downloads that potentially carried any virus files. If I needed the other services they offer, I would probably purchase them because of the adverisements. I didn't like the price at first because I am used to free softward; however, the software is something that can just sit on my machine and protect its users. Although in my place of work they do not use this antivirus, I have it installed for many years in my personal pc, together with the MacAffee, and I have never had virus problems.

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Regular updates of both the virus signatures and the program. I play around with exceptions a lot and use it for targetted file scans in addition to it running in the background.

At oaid extremely accessible price and a friendly and easy to use interface. As with any signature-based antivirus software, it was virtually useless against zero-day infections. AVG is extremely detailed in their searches for malware and viruses. It has been made easy where upon the outdated version you will just be upgrading without uninstalling it. One of the best versoon for PC. Use a parent filter separately.

This software slows your computer more than other antivirus software we reviewed. AVG is fast and reliable!

Download AVG Internet Security - Unlimited - latest version

It allows users to make customized installations, only the modules that they consider that they need and want to use frequently, the package integrates very well with the network functions of the Windows operating system.

Very easily managed by admins, easily deployed and notifications are great. I truly consider AVG as a very complete antivirus. Once installed, it's easy to navigate and set your policies and exceptions.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

Great Anti Virus Software. I already have their software. Great Anti-Virus protection for home users computers an affordable price. Get 30 days of total online privacy for free. My benefit is fast running computers no viruses or malware to be detected.

AVG doesn't include it. The engine of AVG Internet Security is the same as that of its antivirus version, and has improved a lot lately, especially with regard to errors false positivesmaintaining a very high level of antivirus effectiveness. NEW Now includes an advanced layer of Ransomware Protection and stops hackers from hijacking your webcam.

The major benefit of this software is that it protects my computer as well as mobile device from online threats. What I do not like a little secirity normal in any user is the price, but we would have to put a bullet and say that it is more important if the cost or support, but despite the cost of the application is very good because they have good support Overall: The interface is intuitive and easy to use and configure.

Its a good tools that secure my PC from any threats. However, I must point out that my work online are quite basic compared to others, so I can't say how it works for larger organizations.

AVG provides way too many notifications, and this is extremely distracting. Lower agg of protection, although it is not so much but there are details that make the difference and it takes time to update your database, I think it is not very popular as other antivirus, such as PANDA. We have AVG installed on certain networks of computers and it has been a smooth experience for us.

Xecurity methods should be improved.

AVG Internet Security

I like that I can trust AVG will protect the security of my computer without having to worry about it. If you have highly sensitive material, definitely go with a different software.

Where other virus protection software tell you that there is a corrupt file and you must upgrade to have it fixed, AVG cleans the file and tells you padi that.

It also consumes a large space of my hard drive. Pricing is best in the business, so it's a great value.

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