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Enter it here to unlock your savings! We assume that Aline—an accomplished art critic, author, and television reporter—was amused. They married in

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Views Read Edit View history. Sinceshe and her husband had architecturxl in New York City, where Ms. Then add a public entity with oversight of fabulous ruins, which, in turn, summons a quirky arts organization to devise a competition to do something useful with said ruin in peril. While her experience is disturbing, it is far from uncommon. Of note are the glossy, high-quality photos that accentuate the featured projects, an attribute which makes the magazine accessible to the general public as well.

Retrieved November 17, Friedman grew up in California. A new survey delves into the impact of sexual harassment in the fields of design, construction, architecture, and engineering.

About Architectural Record Arhitectural to the profession for more than years, Architectural Record Magazine provides a compelling editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business and professional strategies, exploration of key issues, news products and computer-aided practice. We assume that Aline—an accomplished art critic, author, and television reporter—was amused.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Architect Barbie is the Susan Lucci of Mattel—so many nominations without a win.

For a year-old magazine, Architectural Record went impressively new-fangled in announcing its new editor-in-chief, Cathleen McGuigan, with word leaking out on Facebook Monday followed recotd rounds of Twitter and a formal blog posting at the Arc Rec website this morning. Winning projects are selected by an editorial jury and published in the magazine.

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Almost 30 percent experienced sexual assault in the form of inappropriate physical contact. News, commentary, criticism, and continuing-education sections outline the scope of content. Color Me Arcgitectural Color authority Pantone has selected Turquoise as the color of the year. While signs of economic recovery are beginning to show architectursl architects, design publishers continue to struggle to adjust to the changing media landscape and the soft economy. Dodge published an information service for builders and architects, originally in Boston and expanded to New York with the partnership.

Architectural Record Magazine

McGuigan starts officially on May 23 rd. Together they established Sweet's Indexed Catalogue of Building Constructiona publication intended to be a summary filing of manufacturer's catalogs. Architectural Record has been sold Start with a fabulous ruin. Architectural Record began publication in by Clinton W.

According to the study, roughly two-thirds of all architects surveyed have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Thus, Recordone of the oldest surviving publications on architecture, joins the ranks of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journalwhich in recent years have asked readers to architectual up for full online access. Ivy presided over Record during a time of change, establishing the magazine as the official atchitectural of the AIA between and This combined the two oldest architectural magazines in the United States.

You archiectural selected an offer that requires an. If you find a lower publisher-authorized price for a magazine you've purchased from us, we'll cheerfully refund the difference. Please enter a valid email address.

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Thanks to its high volume of online traffic, Record can afford to experiment with paid content, even if it means stymying some potential readers. Women composed over two-thirds of the respondents, where 85 percent reported having been harassed at some point while at their job.

Nonetheless, gender double standards and gender inequality still persist.

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