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By Lewis Painter 29 Dec Dear sir, I can't use facebook, massenger etc. Retrieved July 26, The controls, though subtle, allow you to carefully navigate tricky environments and even hang off edges. Having said that, you will be limited in which apps you will be able to install.

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Keeping device within acceptable operating temperatures". Problem is that i can't do it from the Mac like we used to Lasic Replies of This topic: All times are GMT May 14 2: Canabalt is the original endless runner, and is arguably responsible for the boom of endless runners like Jetpack Joyride and Temple 3ge. Apple claims that the 3GS can last for up to ten hours of video, nine hours of web browsing on Wi-Fi, twelve hours of 2G talk time, or five on 3G, 30 hours of music, or hours of standby.

Although the 3GS was still stpre, some major features of iOS 6 were not supported.

iPhone 3GS

The Wall Street Journal. The discoloration issues were largely discounted 3hs being as a result of iPhone covers rubbing against the back of the iPhone. Apple claims the iPhone 3GS is 2x faster than its predecessor, showing demonstrations of various apps loading in half the time its predecessor does. Contact Us iMore Top.

Apple's iOS App Store now offers 'last compatible' versions of apps for older devices

A battery life indicator in percentage was also exclusive to the iPhone 3GS. Interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons.

I'm thinking maybe it's because it's part of a Family account? For the plural of 3g, see 3G disambiguation. It works, makes calls and have data and wifi.

The capacitive touchscreen is designed for a bare finger, or multiple fingers for multi-touch sensing. M L likes this.

Archived from the original on June 13, Retrieved 1 October I opened google on the phone, at the bottom under the search box there's 'apps' 'voice' and 'goggles', I clicked on apps, clicked on the gmail app bringing up a description, clicked 'get' and 'install app' and it brought up the previous owners apple id for password.

I did a complete reinitialize before passing it on.

Best games for old iPhones | Best games for iPhone 3Gs, 4, 4s and more - Macworld UK

Why do my group messages keep cutting off non-Iphone users? When I cancel it just goes back to the app description.

Scrolling down pages of "I don't know's" is of no more use to someone than finding iphne no one has replied at all. Archived from the original on July 14, Best iPhone and iPad games ever. See other Topics Write a new Topic.

"Why I cant download apps from appstore?" - Apple - iPhone 3GS 8GB - Forum |

Idk if it helps anyone but when I got my 3GS it was erased then hooked to iTunes and received an update to a latest supported iOS 6. Not Quite Right Trusted Member. I purchased an audiobook on my iPhone, and I can't find it anywhere. Shortly after the release of the iPhone 3GS, some users reported overheating of the device while in heavy use, and others reported discoloration of the device due to heat particularly on the white models.

Retrieved September 13, Hope this helps and have a great day. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. I understand your point and don't want to turn this into a netiquette debate, but I just don't agree.

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