American winter documentary

Years after the recession began, millions of families are struggling to meet their basic needs, and many formerly middle class families are finding themselves in need of assistance for the first time in their lives. But public shame wasn't the only source of pain for these unexpectedly impoverished parents. American Winter shows him struggling to control his emotions when he has to ask his father for help paying the bills.

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Geral has Down syndrome, and I know I have to do something for him for when I'm not around, you know, when he gets older.

But public shame wasn't the only source of pain for these unexpectedly impoverished parents. The documentary on this page is a fiscally sponsored project of the International Documentary Association IDAa c 3 non-profit organization. And for someone to sit there in a casual conversation and talk bad about you, it hurt me so much more. All three are college-educated and at one point considered themselves middle class, a group the film refers to as the most endangered species in America.

But in they all had one thing in common: Their financial struggle brought them to Portland's info emergency hotline. With so much shame surrounding their situations, some might wonder why American Winter 's families agreed to be filmed.

Contributions are payable to the IDA and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. You feel like a failure. We want them to become a community and to feel OK looking for help.

American Winter () - IMDb

That was one Christmas that you can't buy your children anything, and that hurts so bad. This is not happening just in Portland or just in Houston or just in Philadelphia.

That is an absolute scary thought for me. For Cox, a housing crisis is what led him to seek help.

March 26, 3: Cox, for instance, has managed not to lose his home to foreclosure — yet. It's already hard; it is already degrading. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. And I gotta do things to make his life more comfortable. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Produced and directed by Emmy award-winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz creators of HBO's Taxicab Confessionsthe film presents a documenttary portrait of our nation's economic downturn from the point of view of families in financial crisis.

Once financially stable, they now find themselves struggling. And a lot of people think it's just them.

I've never considered it my house; I've always considered it my kid's house. As for Melson, she sometimes donated her plasma and often spent weekends picking up scrap metal to make ends meet. And I sit and worry about my kid. Melson adds that she wants people to talk about their struggles "especially if it's happening to them.

Joe Gantz, Harry Gantz.

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has gone by because you can't afford it. She says people were talking about her wedding ring and her kids' clothing, suggesting that she was doing fine and didn't really need any help.

American Winter

He had never really thought about social services or public assistance. Melson, Cox and Thatcher live in different neighborhoods, mingle in different circles and have different backgrounds. But a new HBO documentary suggests that many seemingly prosperous parents are documentady a few misfortunes away from dark houses and empty refrigerators. Meanwhile, the social safety net that was created to help people in difficult times has been weakened by massive budget cuts, creating a perfect storm of greater need and fewer resources to help families in trouble.

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