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Tank N Cliff Mod is a nice sweet cliff mod and a snipe mod in one. Visuals, Sound Effects, etc. This is a halo trial bloodgulch mod with about everything except for skins and speed changes. This is my full mod that you could now download.

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A link is given. Right click on a blank area and Make a new folder.

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The body of the warthog the model and skins and the gauss horn sound come from Gangland. You have rockets that shoot 10 at 1 time and rapid shoot. In this mod you play as a grunt and you must of memorized where the weps go because all wep skins had to be changed so a grunt could hold them also if you make the game you will not be able to use vehicles.

This is the desolation mod I made for the halo trial - it's really cool and it comes with a readme. This is a small update to Swordgulch v. They range from different vehicles to being able to climb on walls and run MPH.

Semi-ECP - You can play the mod, others can play it if they join your server, but they won't have the full features. The pistol shoots plasma grenades, the sniper mor super rockects, drive from all seats of the warthog, the rocket hog is replaced with a tank that is very fast and much much more. God mode mod for halo trial. This is tru spartan gulch.

There are a lot of other mods but I'll let you figure them out yourself. A crazy weapons mod for Halo Trial, that makes the pistol shoot fuel rods, snipers and shotguns shoot rockets, tral rifles shoot needlers and more!

This zip folder contains 26 mods for the Halo Trial.

Too Many Requests

This mods aim is to put new breath back into halo's graphics. There is only 1 plasma rifle and it is located left of the blue base in the sniper cave over in the shadows but not where the pistol is.

They are now plasma grenade dropping horrors! Here is a mod for rtial Halo demo. All new mods must be downloaded at FileFront. Go to My Computer.

All of the weapons have unlimited ammo. This mod creates an extra two levels on top of the already existing bases. Jump really high and walk on air, assault rifle shoots feul and zooms, needler shoots rockets and zooms in its the flamethrower.

In this mod, the shield is gone so it's easier to kill and tougher to survive You can also summon various characters with certain guns. This mod does not make many gameplay changes, although will make things look alot better!

Popular Battlefield Files Zombie Mod. Supplies faster walking speeds, way faster crouching speeds, super jump, and the trkal to walk on walls.

Tank N Cliff Mod is a nice sweet cliff mod and a snipe mod in one. This mod Changes all the Marines into Master Chiefs!!! This is a mod for halo trial. Click on Local Disc C: Mod is spread out over many things. There are some new teleporters and weapons modded

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