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Thank you, very useful information. In most instances it may have caused so much damage to critical system files that it cannot be completely cleaned or repaired. We recommend Wipersoft to clean your computer. I have both of these two programs running on my computer with no problems As noted in the links I provided above, an NSIS error typically indicates a bad download ending up with a corrupt copy of the file.

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I installed my old trustworthy Kaspersky Antivirus last night, I only install it when problems like this arise That's all I see that happens. I'm not prompted to do anything and no other info appears and combofix still sits on the desktop.

Download Free - Combofix install file

Yes, ComboFix should be run from the desktop in normal or safe mode. That same day is when this all started.

B What is that in the combofix folder, and what should I do with it?

Just in case, here is where I was: When you try to install them they say corrupted and i have to place a new copy of them back in my folder where all my installs are I don't even remember what was happening at that point, however, the problem was solved.

I'm having trouble with the format of this post.

Trend: Ransomware Hidden in NSIS Installers Harder to Detect

A I've tried about 3 different things to delete combofix including this: Posted 23 October - Posted June 14, The company attributes this rise to a few malware distribution campaigns that have used this new infection method. We recommend Wipersoft to clean your computer. Posted 24 October - I have used combofix for years and use to even rename it What is going on with this comment?

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Combofix - NSIS Error - Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Privacy Software

Everything seems to be fine and I am happy for this. I also have to ask.

There are a number of unofficial sites which host various unauthorized versions of ComboFix many of which are outdated or files which claim to be ComboFix. I'm going to watch it out through the day I will let you know when we are complete lnstaller I will ask to remove our tools Gringo.

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Sign in with Twitter Not a member yet? This means that is just the nsiz on my desktop and somehow the program was already deleted.

The latest Sality virus modifications have extended their Trojan capabilities so they can now check window titles, ending the processes that created those windows, hide system files, and block attempts to open URLs of antivirus companies. Grinler, the site of owner of Bleeping Computer recently implemented some major changes to the website which included the front and download pages so that explains why it looks different.

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I hope you found out it is not good to run things on your own - please run this and see if it removes combofix - http: In most instances it may have caused so much damage to critical system files that it cannot be completely cleaned or repaired. Sign In Sign Up.

In addition to being able to remove a large amount of the most common and insaller malware, ComboFix also displays a report that can be used by trained helpers to remove malware that is not automatically removed by the program. Just thought i would try running combofix i just downloaded yesterdayand its still doing the same thing here below I don't know if I did the install correctly though.

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