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If you print from the Contents tab by right-clicking an entry, and then clicking Print you will see options to print only the current topic, or the current topic and all subtopics. You can write your own CHM files, e. NET Solution Building table of contents directly out of the CHM file and using a class library internal user control to display it. Evgeny Gorodetsky May 4: The file format is the same for both index types.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This will result in one single table of contents tree and one index tree see Viewer. Finally, the viewer shows the help content.

Microsoft Compiled HTML Help

Please help improve ht,l article by adding citations to reliable sources. HtmlHelp library and example viewer. The help index always consists of two different type of links: I am working with an old version of RoboHelp.

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Retrieved 22 July Since some of the internal file formats are not completely clear garbage spaces, unknown values, Files of the HtmlHelp system In some cases, especially in bigger help systems, CHM is not the only file extension we are interested in. The format is the same as in HHC files except that there is only one level allowed in the he,p map and the first Name entry specifies the keyword which is followed by Name, Local pairs.

TopicEntry The property FileContents directly returns the file content as string.

This does not seem to be an option of the HelpProvider class? So here we go: Displays in the table of contents the location of the current topic is not listed in the table of contents, this command will not work.

Don't forget to rebuild the TOC and index after a merge action, to get the new entries into the user control's UI.

Depending on the sub-storage, it contains the ALinks or KLinks of the help system. Listing blocks and Index blocks. At first, the FTSearch event will be raised notifying the main Vieeer that the user wants to perform a full-text search.

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The item just holds offsets into the loaded system file data. As with the two other controls, you can use VS. NET Forms designer to place the control and adjust its properties.

This event is raised if the user selects an index entry with multiple related topics. HtmlHelpSystem class offers the feature to virwer additional files.

Using the HTML Help Viewer

TableOfContents tocInstance see 6. This project demonstrates how to use the HTML help components. In some cases, e. Title - the title of the topic Locale hdlp the locale string of the topic virtual link of the content file in the CHM store Location - the location of the topic useful if searching in a merged environment URL - the URL which can be used by the web browser control Once you have received the results, you have to "send" them back to the user control using the method SetResults.

The very first entry is just a NIL character allowing the help system to specify a zero offset and get a valid string.

HtmlHelp library and example viewer

The reason for that is regular expression parsing of big. The table of contents tree can be accessed using the HtmlHelp. There is a very nice simple demo chmdemo. This file can contain all the contents of the other files.

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