Gta iv bait car mod

By Straysify Find their other files. Were you using version 0. For old version 0. It never gets old getting the morons off the street.

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Nutt October 29, If you have any questions or problems about the mod, please do not post them here. Definitely worth 5 stars.

This mod is fantastic and I think I'm about to record my second video with it after seeing the update. Fender 0 October 29, Also, this mod is also uploaded on Major-Gaming. Example Of The Mod:. There is not a config file for this yet, when the next version is released a config file controling the timer for the suspect should be added to the files.

Featured it in a video: Licenses folderPlugins folderGwen. To my surprise someone stole it, but I couldn't pull them over: It never gets old getting the morons off the street. Except from this, everything works smoothly. Now if you can only just make it compatible with Albo's Court System: Once you approach the suspect, they may flee, or choose to cooperate with you and allow you to pull them over. JACK 92 October 29, OfficerJuniorCZ 0 October 29, It works very well and is so much fun to use.

Drag and drop all of the contents of BaitCar. For old version 0. However, there should be a customizable car list in the.

If like me you like traffic policing and chases this is a must have! Were you using version 0.

This is an awesome mod. It is still in its early development stage and will be eventually ccar with more features. Called Models under options. It was so buggy when i hit f7 all that came up was in the corner a menu with one option request bait car and the menu could not be removed.

Bait Car Mod - Script & Data File Modifications -

Suspects will walk the the vehicle rather than run in 0. Support If you need support, be sure to: You can't arrest cats, so I shot it.

It will explain how to use it, install it, and other things like that. Installation Drag and drop all of the contents of BaitCar. Excited to try this out! As long as I use, it didn't crash and works completely fine!

Five stars from me, just hope thats a good thing here instead of in game. TheDivineHustle 1, August 13, For old version 0.

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