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Scent Sword and Fast Blade have a longer attack range and a brand new effect. May 8, 6: This October, join hands with CO, light the war fire and rule as an emperor! Conquer Online has a visual style that resembles the traditional Chinese hand-painted artwork. Jun 26, 9:

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There'll be a brand-new interface for reincarnation.

New XP Skill for Trojan: You'll no longer show up in the Offline Training ground when you log back in, even you were training offline. Users can check out the detailed item information in Auction House. The kinds of potions will be reduced to cnquer 4. To slide to cast skills, or even XP skills, could make you feel like you're virtually in the game, growing strong! This game has been Greenlit by the Community! The font will be smaller.

It is only visible to you. I keep on getting killed by others. I really like the game but they keep on banding my accounts after I reborn and get past level The interface for One-Armed Bandits will be changed.

Power of Mystery Runes - Conquer Online

My account was banded 3x because someone reported me saying I was advertising inappropriate website. The Lottery can now be played at will, with no restriction on number of times played.

There'll be a notification when you have better equipment in your Inventory. Now CO has embraced a legendary rarity—Tempest Wings. Tap Menu - Forging to enjoy. The Inventory can now be organized automatically from the window. You'll be able to pick up items, remotely.

Conquer , New Adventure, New Challenge! - Conquer Online - cocom

The waiting period between each use of XP skill has been shortened. The Alternate Equipment is no longer available. The interval of Auto-potion decreases. You will be able to upgrade items of Level to Level Tons of people hate the game because of the 2nd reborn quest. Control optimization and other bug fixes have been included.

The game is compatible with iOS 8 now. You'll be forced to update the app before attempting to log into the game.

Nothing's impossible in the world of Conquer! I know you guys make tons of money off of the Exemption Token When you reach a certain level, you will be informed of cpnquer features as they are unlocked.

Jan 14, 6: Some in-game bugs have been fixed. Greenlight is being retired.

Steam Greenlight :: Conquer Online - A Free to Play KungFu MMORPG

A critical bug that caused your client crash has been fixed. Some skill icons and item images have been changed. The Kingdom War finally hits CO land after a long wait.

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