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It clocks in at a very respectable time of around 55 minutes too. Be sure to watch and leave comments, especially if you were around in the old days: Randy's long-awaited custom level, Stargate to Paradise , is finally done. We hope it will be helpful for Romanian players, who visit our site very often. Expect Christmas trees, lots of lights, snow, ice, and a boss fight that is quite unlike anything you have ever seen in Claw.

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Once again, thank you.

It's also only the second one this year. Randy's long-awaited custom level, Stargate to Paradiseis finally done. Claw turns 15 today.

Captain Claw v1.4.3 Full Game

The Claw Recluse will now be available at captainclaw. The level features a very unique take on the Caverns tileset, including a complex custom background, an ingenious starting sequence, and plenty of water, notably used outside of the usual context, in which Nathaniel J.

Featuring a unique blend of retail level 9, 10 and 13 in an all-new night setting, as well as innovative gameplay elements, Wreckage promises an amazing, fun-filled adventure for all Claw fans! He is currently in the process of conducting and transcribing several interviews, the first of which is available today.

Claw is a 2D side-scroller platform video game published by Monolith Productions in ful an anthropomorphic pirate cat who sets on a quest to find an ancient amulet while fighting enemies and solving puzzles.

Don't forget to update your game to version 1. However, fulp that neither of those two is maintained by the authors of this site. Claw places the gems on a pedestal.

Claw enters the Tiger Temple at the heart of the island to claim the amulet. The Multiplayer section was updated to reflect our switch from Hamachi which only allows five people per network in the free version now to Comodo Unite.

In the meantime, Randy has been sifting through his old backups and has found four pieces of Freya's fan art, as well as Mahesh's screenshot depicting his bounce count record, among others. Speaking of which, if you used to post on the forums at some point, were an active fukl of the community, or simply got struck with nostalgic feelings, be sure to leave a comment at Grey Cat's Claw Museum.

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Avid players and level designers alike. Furthermore, there are some plans for further development of CrazyHook project.

Now, a few hundred custom levels later, we are still here, in no small part thanks to each and every one of you who have visited our site and full a part of the Claw community. Fixed dead links to the DVD torrent across the site. Perhaps even more notably, it also follows in DzjeeAr's and Zuczek's footsteps: The first new level in what seems like ages, Abandoned Mine by Syndro, has been released.

Meanwhile, Comodo Unite's VPN functionality appears to have been discontinued, which means another solution is required for playing Claw online. Criminal Origins Condemned 2: Get the public beta with auto-update feature!

It clocks in at a very respectable time of around 55 fupl too. Three new custom levels, plus some more minor updates in Game Help. A special DVD edition of the game was released.

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The download link has now been updated to include it. To mark the occasion, a full playthrough was recorded by the creator himself, boss Another year, another anniversary.

September 30, EU: You can also check it out yourself. Additionally, Pejti has updated his Claw v1. Today marks the 14th anniversary of Claw's US release date.

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