Gundam 00 english dub

With any luck they're all grow into they're rolls. Nov 22, 5. Nov 22, 3. Nov 23, 7. Nov 23, 8.

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You made it sound like you though they never finished the dub, guess I missunderstood. He also hates when Kagome calls him Brother in Law.

I know what's going to happen!! He might be able to pull off a good Hallelujah, we'll see though. Clamblader87Nov 23, Seshomaru consently visits the village to bring his loli gifts as she's living with Kaede.

Nov 22, 1. Link64GogettaDec 27, Nov 23, 9.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Episode 1 English Dub

He's ejglish the early arrogant to the point of annoying Patrick down, but can he do the lovable immortal idiot Patrick as well. Sumeragi, Christi, Wang and her brother slave all sound good.

Just so long as he never does the voice for Llyod ever again. Billy and Graham are ok, though Graham with make a great Englissh. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Link64GogettaDec 1, Link64GogettaNov 22, With any luck they're all grow into they're rolls.

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Though incase youre curious Sango and Miroku have 3 kids, 2 twin girls and a new baby boy. Inuyasha was finished, the anime just ends before the manga.

It sounds too wimpy and whiny. Nov 24, The characters shouldn't maintain that sort of status in their relation shit for chapters. Not entirly sure how he'd fit into Gundam except maybe Allujia. Separate names with a comma. I just hope its good cause I could have sworn he's suppose to be the one giving that monologue in the intro seen, and who ever voice it in english is no Ali-Char. Clamblader87Nov 22, Search titles only Posted by Member: GAT-XNov 22, Dec 27, Also the whole "were teenagers so we can't admit our feelings for eachother," gets old.

Nov 22, 4.

Oh wait, that's every other Gundam series. Aug 5, Messages: Nov 22, 6.

Dec 28, Nov 23, 8. It was that in eglish 7th season Akane and Ranma still act like they hate eachother after nearly episodes of swooning over eachother.

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