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I subscribed to this mag for years and really dug it. At the end of its run, it turned into Game Buyer, before being cancelled in It was just that kind of a mag — mostly nonsensical, and all in good fun and vulgar taste. Game Players Issue 35 December Topics: Soon after, most of the more absurd writing atrophied away.

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It was just that kind of a mag -- Mostly nonsensical, and all it good fun and vulgar taste.

Humor is included in almost every videogame review and image caption. Its editors and writers moved on elsewhere — Chris Slate has had the most success of the group; he would eventually become editor in chief of the now-discontinued Nintendo Powerand is now editor in chief of Mac Life.

Retrieved from " http: Game Players Issue 58 November Topics: Retrieved from " https: This issue of Game Players magazine gives us a peak into and reminds us of a number of interesting, and in some cases, forgotten games of the era.

If you can remember back that far, you will recall that was a crazy time in the gaming industry. Unraveling Game Players July 22, 4: One of the features ppayers Ultra Game Players is a "prize store" in which readers answered trivia questions for chances to win prizes.

I subscribed to this mag for years and really dug it. But now I'm getting ahead of myself.

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In his "off" time he is an editor at Newtype USA magazine. The two magazines were continued mainly so the creditors could find a buyer for them, and they found it in Chris Anderson, founder of Future Publishing in Britain.

November 14, at 4: Game Players was the flagship title of the outfit, and much like lpayers issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly, it was heavily text-oriented with only a few screenshots and other art. However, Game Buyer aimed for an "authoritative review resource" bent, trying to outclass EGM with exhaustive reviews of nearly everything under the sun.

Game Players Magazine

Other fanservice-y covers include any cover with Lara Croftand the May cover, which featured Turok and a bikini babe hanging off him whose magazibe was modeled after Pamela Anderson. Genre Guides Broaden your magzine by digging deeper into different types of games. This page was last edited on 13 Marchat However, many readers complained that the humor that had made Game Players such an enjoyable magazine was missing from olayers Ultra version, which prompted a payers to form soon after the switch.

Game Buyer had neither, and as a result, its alienated audience became a perpetual machine of bad word-of-mouth for the mag -- just like what had happened to VideoGames magazine, although that title lasted a great deal longer.

The main emphasis was on strategy and cheats, although reviews were published in the rear of the magazine. Hidden Gems Explore the best games that usually go unnoticed. It was not to last. Reviewer Mike Salmon, especially with his 90s-style long hair and facial hair. With the launch of the SNES inthe magazine's name was edited down to Game Players Nintendo Guide no apostrophe and adopted fuller reviews, features, and numerical ratings for games.

PDF: Game Players Magazine February 1993

The letters page started with several running gags, with Donohue and the fans building upon each others' jokes, creating new fictional characters and personas, speaking of a "Cleansing" and later, "The Rinsing"and promises of world domination and violent reprisals. Being a member of the video games press myself, I remember Game Player's from when I was young. It can be argued that the old Game Players spirit lives on in most Future gamee -- especially PSM, which has been packed with GP alumni since practically its inception.

Recent Comments Chris Plahers The original publication began as Game Players Strategy to Nintendo Games the cover featured a disclaimer that claimed it had no affiliation with Playerx. Under Slate, the entire magazine started getting more deliberately wacky, with the game reviewers gaining personality and faux-personality, with Bill Donohue as an evil dungeon-master and Mike Salmon as a sarcastic ladies-man.

June 27, at Until earlyBuyer's Guide and Strategy Guide were separate magazines, with Buyer's Guide coming out semiannually and Strategy Guide coming out quarterly for a total of six issues per year.

I've never seen one of these mags, but I'd love to get my hands on a sample. The magazine evolved over the years, even spinning off a separate publication called Game Players Sega Genesis Guide when Sega entered the console market.

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