Fresh prince of bel air intro

That ahead-of-its-time inventiveness, along with its playful creative quality and infectious theme music, is what has made it one of the greatest TV openings of all time. Our job was we were artists, so that part was the easy part. To them it was all terrifying.

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To me, it was a hilarious scene: Lopez was assigned the task of editing, and while she loved those moments, the realities of Prinec and advertising time demanded cuts.

Will Smith - Fresh Prince of Bel - Air Lyrics

And the show that we actually replaced on NBC was Alfso that puts into context where they were at that time. That ahead-of-its-time inventiveness, along with its playful creative prine and infectious theme music, is gresh has made it one of the greatest TV openings of all time.

One reason was that graffiti was trendy at the time, and the creators knew it would appeal to their younger target demographic. You know, people just know it. To them it was all terrifying. Wendell Johnson, now a successful production designer, represents one of those Hollywood stories that are hard not to love. We need fancy sweatsuits, and some breakdancing and maybe some girls.

I remember being on tour [in ] we had a day off. The song was written, of course, intdo Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff, who were already a hip-hop duo with a Grammy under its belt — but it was Fresh Prince that took their careers to the next level.

The Beverly Hillbillies season one main titles. Design needed to mirror content.

One day inJohnson got a call. Lopez knew Johnson could deliver that bang, but she had a specific request for a logo that needed to be timely and non-traditional: Because the shots inntro the beel walls were so visually cluttered, they needed colours that would stand out against them. What does this song mean to you?

Smith had to fly out to Los Angeles to audition for a TV show. Sure, it may not resemble the openings of series such as Game of ThronesJessica Jonesor Vikingsbut it serves the same function: I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 And I yelled to the cabbie 'Yo homes smell ya later' I looked at my kingdom I was finally there To sit on my throne as the Prince of Bel Air.

But the colours also had a practical purpose. I ended up just going in and programming some music, and he wrote something and laid it down. Only 21 at the time, the younger Q was already a respected music producer in his own right and part of the seminal Be Los Angeles scene that spawned N. When he finished, he beel them to Lopez.

The Borowitzes wanted a theme song with a particular aiir They probably wrote the theme song overnight. This was the most terrifying renegade thing they had ever seen.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song: A Five-Minute Oral History |

Scott Kalvert came in with a treatment that deliberately stayed in line with what had inspired the show. This, she thought, would make a great television show. As Carli puts it: I never thought about it like that.

That might come from the days you watched the show when it originally aired or in reruns. Kalvert who sadly passed away in would go on to direct many music videos and the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Basketball Diariesbut in he was still in aiir early days. Townes attributes this musical exile to short-sightedness and spite. He sought to make an instrumental that would be palatable to a wide audience, yet still representative of their musical roots.

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