C2c down the road ep

Been listening to this track for years. Monthly Releases - please note that these are done fairly inconsistently due to low levels of activity! Down the Road Label:

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The French quartet has proved that they can scratch with the best of them, but that does not always make for an engaging listening experience. Yeah, it happened to be the outro-credits song for last week's Silicon Valley. Honestly I mainly wanted to make this comment to spread 20syl awareness cos he's awesome.

C2C - Down The Road (starring Richie Jackson) [OFFICIAL] @C2Cdjs - Vidéo dailymotion

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Other scheduled threads are as follows: People on here are so fucking clueless about genres, it's sad. Then you can try looking Beat Torrent 2 membersas well as 20syl solo. Look for the original source of content and submit that. Might be a bit much for some but I'm into it.

Anathema - Weather Systems.

If you feel your comment was not fully answered or if you were not satisfied with the community's replies, try the next Discussion Thread. No piracy zone, support the artists. They still perform as a group from time to time. They may be able to astound crowds at competitions, but C2C have got a lot to learn about creating music with a long shelf life. What do you think? I was listening to 20sly, and found out he was one of the DJs in C2C This has absolutely nothing to do with trip-hop whatsoever, that's for sure.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Standout track, F-U-Y-A, proves that the outfit can execute a clever instrumental hip hop without going overboard, showing rare restraint with mixing and some clever sample choices. Down the Road Label: Their whole down the road EP is great, as is their full album after that. Been listening to this track for years. I c2cc get into this song: Both tracks are impressive, no question, but there is an overriding feeling that they are just showing off.

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That whole album is pretty killer, if you haven't checked out the rest of the tracks yet.

Looking for new music? Remember this from that classic AMV.

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