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In order to have access to the suite of Qt tools and documentation it is recommended to install the Qt development environment because these tools are not part of the PyQt5 wheels. Added Python 2 support to the eric 5 branch, so that from now on both, Python 3 and Python 2 , are supported by one single version of eric, making the eric 4 branch for Python 2 obsolete, which is not further continued [12]. News 03 October eric

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Nevertheless, eric also supports many other programming languages, and the level of support of Ruby is almost as high as for Python. First Attempt I downloaded and installed eric6 along with its dependencies such as sip and qscintilla into the Anaconda environment.

After puzzling over the eric6 setup form, Detlev advised me to change the Python interpreter listed for the 'Debugger' section from the Python 3.

This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat The key features of eric 6 are: Jde Commons has media related to Eric software. Once that is done, the eric6 IDE should be restarted.

The eric plug-in repository provides various kinds of extensions and is accessible from within the IDE. Detlev was kind enough to reply and we collectively tried a number of things. When I tried to run eric6 I got an immediate "Segmentation Fault" message. Added support for attributes introduced with Erric 5.

Added thes plug-ins as core plug-ins: Prerequisites To be able to run eric6 you should have the following installed: If Qt development is desired, the respective tools need to be available.

With the release of eric version 5. Mercurial Interface added support for Mercurial 4.

Eric (software)

Old version, no longer supported: I had all my necessary modules etc all installed under Anaconda3. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A reconfiguration of these plug-ins may be neccessary.

The only problem was that eric6 was using the Python 3. All my libraries were available again.

The Eric Python IDE - Screenshots

Added support for PyQt5 projects [12]. This section is valid for PyQt4 and PyQt5 before 5. By using this site, pythom agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. PythonQtPyQt. Alternatively you may download the latest snapshot release. LinuxmacOSMicrosoft Windows. This made my PyQt apps close incorrectly and 'hang', requiring a time-consuming reconnect of the IPython kernel.

Changed the help viewer to a full blown web browser based on QtWebKit [14]. Archives Current For Python 2 support the development of the eric 4 branch is continued. Minimum required Python versions increased: The new session file format is not backward compatible and cannot be read by eric releases prior to The functionality of eric is extensible via a plug-in mechanism. This means in general terms that the source code of eric can be studied, changed and improved by anyone, that eric can be run for any purpose by anyone and that eric - and any changes or improvements that may have been made to it - can be redistributed by anyone to anyone as long as the license is not changed copyleft.

General added config option to disable the use of the global menu bar on Linux Code Style Checker added checks for default docstring in functions and modules added check for dictionaries with sorted keys added checks for logging statements added check for the 'gettext' import statement added some checks of the bugbear checker 04 March eric

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