Blackberry curve 8900 os 6

This series of BlackBerry Curves are low end models developed mainly for developing economies and budget conscious BlackBerry consumers. Feb 26, Screen Resolution: All phones run on Blackberry OS. The series of phones includes a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash and uses an mhz single core processor. Naww, you guys don't mind.

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The only reason it the warranty will be void when returning.

BlackBerry Curve - User opinions and reviews

If you're rocking angive this one a go and let us know how it works. Be sure to back up your data for this one as well, it's not an official OS yet.

Shahriyar Ali April 2, at The Curveannounced in Novemberis the first Curve with a touchscreen instead of a physical keyboard. The was also praised for its new, stylish and confident look.

Could please guide me with the safest way to update the device with the correct version, download and installation.

Surprisingly as of late we've actually seen more official OS releases than leaks, but today we have an OS leak for both the Bold and Curve Be sure to drop a comment in the forums with your findings.

Kawaljit Singh January 18, at 8: Thank you one million and please keep up the gratifying work.

Retrieved 24 May The problem is that i am not able to scroll through disclaimer to reach the accept button at the end.

I have just purchased verizon unlocked blackberry tour and put a docomo postpay sim in it, the internet brower does not open and is asking that there is no oe bookplease get the service book from your operator Please suggest how do I use internet on the same.

BlackBerry Curve 8900

If you are looking to see what changes came with the OS, you blackbrery find a list in the CrackBerry forums compiled From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Shahzoor Ali February 16, at Faz, 09 Feb Yes u can download whatsapp from Mark January 2, at 3: If yes will it cost me my warranty?

Word is to be on the look out for more coming as well. Sumit Jain June 8, at I bought it back in I find it hard to believe that we actually go weeks at a time without a leak for any device, and blacknerry the last two weeks we've been overloaded with OS leaks.

The Blackberry browser shouldn't work over carrier without a BIS plan but a third party browser like Opera will.

Please link the newest and the latest one. Shahriyar Ali April 6, at Its been a while since we've seen an update for either of The BlackBerry Curve was a big upgrade from the Cruve Retrieved 27 August Elite1 Ambassador Team Leader Moderator. As is customary for BlackBerry devices, the series consists of several models offered by different wireless providers, supporting that provider's network along with specific services.

The device is an upgrade over the older model, with the most significant differences being a 3. Sushan April 3, at 4: As always folks, leaked OS so be sure to back up your data.

Views Read Edit View history. Blackbsrry changes to boldnow I'm using a very good Lumia windows phone.

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