Animated stories for kids

It is magic, so anything could happen. Different versions of this fable are taught to children all around the world to teach an important lesson on the superiority of persuasion over power. Just go ahead and watch it in it full glory and enjoy it to the fullest!

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The Ginger Bread Man The Ginger Bread Man is a fairy tale about a ginger bread that came to life and his escape from being eaten by many storoes people. The story is centered around four friends from Vijaynagar who journey to the town in search of work.

Kids Animated Short Stories, Funny Animated Stories for Children in English for Free

But he foolishly fo their cow for a few bean pods. Read on and find out! Make note of the places, my friend. They decide to hold a leaping match.

It is magic, so kjds could happen. The story starts on January 1st when there is an argument between a flea, a grasshopper and a mudskipper. Being a fairy tale that has entertained children all over the world, it is sure to get your child glued to the screen in its new animated avatar.

There are many funny animated stories as well as animated stories for kindergarten in our collection of selected animated stories in English. Who wins the match? Technology has invaded life in such a way that it is but impossible to even imagine a fo otherwise.

The king comes to know of the match and is very interested in it. You storiee be transported to a totally different world with Ali on his magic carpet. I am sure you will be in for a real surprise. He expressed his real feelings only in the bathroom. It will sow the seed of wisdom which eventually assists them towards growing into better citizens of tomorrow.

Enjoy this flight with Ali. The son of a poor widow, Jack, wants to help his mother.

Leaping Match The Leaping Match is a funny story about a kingdom which is not much heard of until the great leaping match is announced. Enjoy this animated version of the famous fairy tale. Just go ahead and watch it in it full glory and fpr it to the fullest!

Short audio stories - animated stories for children

Goldilocks goes about the house without mids care in the world. Jack And The Beanstalk The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is part of the staple diet of fairy tales that we have feasted on as kids. He watched matches with his family and cheered along with the family for the team that he did not support. The language used is simple and hence easily comprehensible. This animated story leads you through a dark wood through a dark road, to a dark house, and a dark stairs to a dark room and a dark cupboard and ztories dark shelf on it in which there is a dark box.

Have a bit of solid fun! Does the change make the little boy and his family happy? Dark, Dark Wood Fear is present fro the minds of children and adults alike.

Audio stories

The climax of the story is worth the wait. It will keep them from trusting strangers. Goldilocks And The Three Bears This beautiful story of a little stlries, who wanders into the forest, gets lost and finds a house that belongs to a family of bears will definitely win over the hearts of children. Now in its new animated form ror is even more captivating. You are sure to be thoroughly entertained by the animation.

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