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Angra's 'Angels Cry' was the first full-blown fusion between classical music and the sub-genre of power metal. Cry in the night of angels For that light that never shine With their hearts so full of sorrow Muddy waters all around The curtain falls for helpless souls How they suffer swept aside And the raging streams are flowing With so little hope inside It's like Angels crying Can't take no more Angels dying Capture their fall Try to see this misery Your future is not what you wished it to be So try to fly, the answer lies In the angry darkened skies angry darkened skies You just keep on standing in these fields all your life You sow the seeds that never grow No harvest comes such a strain to feed the few Still you're waiting, it's in vain I can only find two words to describe how his voice sounds there: Everything blends so perfectly that if I was told before getting to know Angra that this album was released yesterday, or at least after neoclassical metal was a well-established genre, I would probably comment on how solid and innovative it was. The next one is the title song, "Angels Cry".

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This album is full of energy, from the opening tracks Unfinished Allegro and Carry On, which will have you bouncing off the ceiling, through the slower tracks which while undeniably metal, focus more on vocals, with Matos clearly enjoying himself providing soaring notes across a huge range, and at times softer tones.

It starts with an epic and something what would become after a classic Angra intro, "Unfinished Allegro".

In its place we get to see the sound that Angra would become known for: Write your own review. FiefireOctober 6th, One of the guitarists, Rafael Bittencourt, makes a contribution with Matos on five of these ten tracks, but Matos is the real force behind this album.

In addition, the title track features a brief arrangement of " Caprice no.

The basslines frequently join in the sonic acrobatics as well and the band seem to be enjoying crafting a finely made masterpiece. Everything sounds great here.

One of the songs, however, was performed by a different drummer: Besides that, we can't know who stole these compasses from the other, because both of them released their albums in close dates. The next one is a heavy and progressive song, "Streets Of Tomorrow". It is the first ballad of this album, showing us Andre's amazing vocal range anga Kiko's creativity. You can actually hear the bass, and the guitars don't sound sloppy.

The band members were having the time of their lives while recording it, indeed, and anyone out there who dared to say that the song is a waste of time was wrong. It is surprising to think that this is their debut album, as it is so accomplished. Everything is extremely well balanced, and even when the power metal madness comes in during tracks such as Angrls On, it is easy to keep track of what each instrument is doing. anrga

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It was released in and recorded in Germany at Kai Hansen 's studios in Hamburg. Brazilian rhythm within heavy metal songs. That is because anbra albums feel as right as this one as a unit. It is cty beautiful ballad that breaks the speed we had until now. Originally written for Black Wind Metal blackwindmetal. The band decided to do as he said and replaced Antunes with Holzwarth, a decision Matos regards as being very difficult.

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IdrownfishJanuary 7th, Short phrases, upbeat tempos and the harmonic minor scale abound. He may be a total pussy, but he's got talent. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R.

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Angels Cry

Once again, the symphonic riffs are utterly economical, and Matos adds some seriously interesting classical melodies, some of which are very potent, and others which are graceful. It is one of Angra's most progressive songs, sounding really strange after listening for the first time.

Once it begins, the guitars invite you to enjoy the fest, as the song inevitably speeds up for a delicate guitar solo, which is then followed by another change of tempo The one that gave life angwls itwhich prevails until its catchy bridge ends, so it can speed up again. The lyrics are also above par. This page was last edited on 29 Augustat The last song begins and what we hear during the last minutes is a progressive and beautiful song, "Lasting Child".

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